Prepare Yourself, Jenna Fischer Just Found Her 'The Office' Vlog From "Booze Cruise"


Nostalgia for your favorite TV show's heyday never really goes away, but Jenna Fischer from The Office is a key example of actors loving the good old days just as much as fans do. She and co-star/real-life BFF Angela Kinsey often share old pics from their time on the Office set, but Fischer has just rediscovered the ultimate throwback. Jenna Fisher's The Office vlog from the "Booze Cruise" episode is a must-see for anyone dying to go back to Dunder Mifflin.

From recreating the show's most hilarious moments to sharing behind-the-scenes photos from early seasons, The Office alums usually have no problem fueling fans' nostalgia for the NBC sitcom. Running from 2005 to 2013, the comedy definitely captured a significant transition from people relying on digital cameras and flip phones to everyone having smartphones and social media. Many of the throwbacks posted by Fischer, aka Pam Beesly Halpert, are noticeably dated, but the actress just tracked down a video perfectly blending a mid-2000s flair and a love for The Office.

On April 16, Fischer tweeted a link to a YouTube video originally posted in 2007, writing, "I just found this Behind the Scenes video I shot from the "Booze Cruise" episode of The Office. Sorry for the poor film quality. But man, this took me back!"

Airing in January 2006 during Season 2 of The Office, "Booze Cruise" brought the Dunder Mifflin team onto a boat with the intention of participating in leadership exercises. But like most of Michael Scott's (Steve Carell) plans, the mission faltered. As Michael clashed with the boat captain, Jim (John Krasinski) broke up with Katy (Amy Adams), realizing he couldn't ignore his feelings for Pam much longer. Pam's fiancé Roy (David Denman) announcing their wedding date crushed him once again, but after hearing the truth about Jim's feelings, Michael encouraged him not to give up on Pam.

Just as "Booze Cruise" is a highlight of Jim and Pam's relationship, Fischer's resurfaced vlog is on its way to becoming a classic within The Office fandom. Taking viewers along on the lengthy filming process, she first introduces crew members and asks how preparation for this episode is different from others. "Lots of Dramamine and wristbands," a set medic quips.

As the vlog details, the anti-nausea medicine was definitely a necessity. Filming on an actual moving boat made B.J. Novak (Ryan) woozy, and the footage even documents him vomiting into the sea. When Fischer's camera isn't getting up close and personal, it captures sweet moments between actors, such as Krasinski and Rainn Wilson (Dwight) channeling their characters for a quick prank, Fischer hugging a pre-Hollywood fame Adams, and the actors growing tired the longer they're on the boat. She also shows Wilson and The Scrantones, the band that performed the Office theme song, delivering a rendition of "Maneater" before playing the song over other behind-the-scenes footage.

That rumored Office reboot may never happen, but if Fischer keeps pointing us in the direction of old moments like this, I think we can survive with what we have. After all, watching her whole video basically feels like we never left Scranton. Time to rewatch "Booze Cruise"!