Jason Momoa’s Zodiac Sign Says He’s A Superhero Of A Partner

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When did you fall in love with Jason Momoa? Was it when he starred in Aquaman, or was it on Game of Thrones when he became the moon of our lives as Khal Drogo? Well, not to be all ~hipster~ about it, but my love of all things Momoa actually dates back even further, to his time on Stargate: Atlantis. Yeah, I’m that kind of nerd. He's just always had a particular kind of irresistible charisma. But when you consider Jason Momoa’s zodiac sign, well, everything attractive about him (and there's a lot of things) just makes sense. He was born Aug. 1, under the sign of Leo, and let's be honest, Momoa is just about as Leo as you can get. He exudes warmth and charm, and basks in the spotlight. Like I said, quintessential Leo.

His zodiac sign is also really obvious when it comes to his personal life. In 2017, he married his long-time partner, actor Lisa Bonet, with whom he shares two children. Any time he's asked about his wife, he doesn't hold back; he practically gushes about her, which, hello, how hot is that? For instance, in an interview with The YBF, Momoa recalled the moment he met his then-future wife. "I was with one of my best friends and when I turned around, and they were going to introduce us, literally, like, fireworks," he recalled. "She said, 'Hi, I'm Lisa,' and I said, 'Hi, I'm Jason,' and I just turn around to my buddy like... [freaking out]. Inside, I was like a little girl and I [deepened my voice] and tried to pull it together. She definitely makes me shy." Aww. It seems like it's been smooth sailing from there — which is pretty much what you can expect when someone captures a Leo's heart. Here's what else we can surmise about what Momoa is probably like as a partner, based on his zodiac sign.

He’s extremely warm and loving.
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The first thing you'll probably notice about a Leo is their enthusiasm and warmth. This is not some kind of front they put up, but core to who they are. They are enthusiastic about love and connection, and so, as a partner, you can expect them to be open and forthright about their feelings. They want to connect, they want emotional intimacy, and they want to have fun. They are practically fearless when it comes to giving someone their heart, thanks to their powerful self confidence and assurance. After all, who wouldn’t love them? They’re great and they know it.

However, do keep in mind that while Leo is more than happy to be emotionally generous, they expect the same in return. Their ruling heavenly body is the Sun, around which all the other planets orbit, and Leo sees themselves as the same. This is not a sign that settles for less.

Leo is as loyal as they come.

Leos pride themselves on being very loyal to the ones they love. They'll protect them fiercely, and once you're in their inner circle, you can always count on them to have your back. However, there is a downside to all this loyalty, and that’s when it tips into possessiveness. While Leo is very generous, what’s theirs is theirs, including the people they love. They can also become very jealous, particularly if they think someone is getting the attention they themselves deserve. So, for natural flirts, Leo is probably not a good match. Go for a Gemini or a Libra instead, and you are much less likely to see flirting with others as a threat.

Leos are very passionate, and have a powerful sex drive.
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This passionate fire sign has no trouble keeping things hot in the bedroom. Leo is a very sensual and romantic sign that loves to set a mood to begin seduction. They believe in wooing the people they're attracted to before heading off to the bedroom, where the real show begins. This is a sign that's basically uninhibited and up for just about anything, so long as you tell them they're the best. Again, this is where Leo's generous spirit really shines, if you know what I'm saying.

No doubt about it, Momoa is next-level crush-worthy — but would you really expect anything less from a Leo?