Jason Momoa Took Off His Jacket At The Golden Globes & My Heart Skipped A Beat

by Ani Bundel
Kevork Djansezian/NBC/NBCUniversal/Getty Images

Jason Momoa wasn't nominated tonight at the Golden Globes, even though he headlined one of Apple TV+'s flagship shows, See. He did attend as part of the Apple contingent, sitting with the Apple table that included Tim Cook and others. But being among stuffed suits and high-end CEOs at an affair like the Golden Globes wasn't enough to keep Momoa looking super respectable, or at least stuffed in the coat he arrived in. As the show entered its second hour, fans discovered Jason Momoa had taken off his jacket at the Golden Globes, and it was the hottest thing all night.

Considering where Momoa was sitting, he probably thought it was safe to strip. Seated at the Apple TV+ table towards the back of the first section, he wasn't really in the line of sight for most cameras. Nor was he likely to be panned over. Other than a short, tight cut to Tim Cook's face during Ricky Gervais' monologue when The Morning Show came up, the table wasn't a significant place for the live shots to hit.

But then, Brian Cox won for Best Actor in a TV Series - Drama for his role in Succession, and a miracle occurred. After kissing Kieran Culkin on the mouth, Cox stumbled down the steps trying to find his way to the stage in a hurry and walked right at the Apple table. Momoa redirected him towards the fastest path to the stage live on camera, and the entire world was suddenly aware that the man was at one of Hollywood's ritziest nights of the year with his guns out.

Check it out:

Let's take a minute and look at that moment up close:

Eagle-eyed viewers noticed that Momoa's jacket was on the lap of his wife, Lisa Bonet. So at least someone was looking after it.

But the sight of Momoa deciding that comfort over standing on ceremony was, for Twitter, a whole mood that seemed to define how everyone should live their lives in this brand new decade. Or at least, how they should be if they want to be Jason Momoa.

Let's have a round of applause for both these winners, even if Momoa then put his jacket back on when he went up on stage to present.