'Jane The Virgin' Wasn't Nominated For A Golden Globe For The First Time In 3 Years

The CW

The slow collapse of Jane The Virgin continues. Ever since killing off Jane's husband Michael Cordero (played by Brett Dier) back in February, it seems like the series has slipped both in the ratings and in the television conversation. Now, for the first time since the series' 2014 debut, Jane The Virgin was snubbed at the Golden Globes, after suffering from the Emmys ignoring it this past September as well.

There wasn't even an acting nod for star Gina Rodriguez, who has been a reliable nominee every year since the show debuted, and even won for the first season.

Now, to be fair, the Emmys have never shown Jane The Virgin a lot of love, for reasons that have never been clear. Despite both fans and critics melting over the CW show when it first debuted, the Emmys have only nominated it for Outstanding Narrator for Anthony Mendez's work over the years. But the Globes' voters, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, recognized Rodriguez's talent and have been handing her nominations every year. Until now. So what gives?

to start, it's much easier to understand the Emmys. The show is on The CW, and is viewed by most of the voting blocks for that show as "teen fare." Rightly or wrongly, that weighs against it when the final tallies are added up.

The CW

But the Golden Globes have somehow been able to look past that. They've looked past the fact that the show was an Americanized remake of a Latin telenovela, Juana la Virgen. They've looked past the tropes of the genre, and even the ridiculousness of small details like the crossing off of "The Virgin" in the series title since Jane got married and lost her virginity in Season 3.

Critics and fan alike hailed the recognition of Rodriguez by the HFPA as a sign that awards shows were moving forward, and that actresses of color were finally starting to be treated as equals among their peers. It was great to see a role that's half in Spanish recognized as well. Fans also saw the recognition of the series by such an austere organization as proof that series that celebrate the relationships of women could be seen as the pinnacle of Good TV.

But like with the Golden Globes' recognition of other genre shows, such as Game of Thrones, Jane The Virgin has slowly slipped into the "nominations only" area of the Globe voters' hearts, with each year feeling more perfunctory than the last. Finally this year, the Globes ignored it altogether. Instead, they chose to recognize series like... the Will & Grace revival? Wait, really?

And while it's great to see Amazon's The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel get double nods for Best Actress and Best Comedy, and Alison Brie land a nod for Glow, losing Rodriguez out of this category is a tragedy. It also leaves Insecure's Issa Rae as the only woman of color in the category this year.

Some fans admitted, even as they complained, that the strength of others in the Best Actress category might have been why there was not room for Jane this year.

Others called her lack of at least a nomination unacceptable.

Others didn't realize that Gina Rodriguez had been left out at first, until they went back through and started realizing how many women hadn't gotten the noms they deserved. (I'm pretty peeved about Tracee Ellis Ross and Patty Jenkins too, for the record.)

While others felt that Rodriguez didn't need the recognition, she was perfect with or without awards.

But seriously, Will & Grace is on the list, and not Jane the Virgin? What gives?

Sometimes 2017 doesn't make any sense whatsoever.