James Charles Did Addison Rae's Makeup & The Video Is So Cute

YouTube/James Charles

The YouTube and TikTok worlds just keep colliding, and every time they do, it gets sweeter and sweeter. Most recently, beauty YouTuber James Charles did TikTok's Addison Rae Easterling's makeup in a video, which revealed a number of things. First, Easterling and Charles have been friends for, like, a pretty long time now. (Perhaps this isn't new information for those deeper in TikTok than I am, but I was dead*ss shocked.) Second, Addison "resigned" from college at Louisiana State University. (Geaux tigers!) Third, someone needs to get Easterling to a red carpet STAT, because Charles' ~mature~ glam on her looks damn good.

Right off the bat in the video, Charles reveals that he and Easterling have been hanging out for quite some time, posting several videos together and even going to Disney World together — but never have the two done a makeup video together before. While Charles has been in the beauty YouTube space for what feels like forever, Easterling's TikTok content mostly involves dancing, though her first YouTube video was, in fact, a makeup tutorial, and she's since posted another one. Offering a bit of... constructive feedback, Charles deems Easterling's makeup tutorials "questionable" before saying he has "a really fun idea for a look [he wants] to do."

Unfortunately for Easterling, Charles' "really fun idea" first involves some quick eyebrow plucking, which looks, to put it bluntly, like it really freaking hurts. But, the pain was worth it, because Charles', using Anastasia Beverly Hills' Soft Brow Powder, made Easterling's brows look truly unreal. Following a gorgeous complexion product application, Charles moves on to Easterling's eyes for a classically glam, red carpet-ready look.

After using Benefit Cosmetics' Hoola Bronzer to deepen Easterling's crease, Charles applied darker shades along the outer corner of her eye for a smoky finish. After adding a striking, shimmery gold to her lid, a set of false lashes, and a glossy nude lip, Charles singlehandedly made Easterling look like she just stepped off the Oscars red carpet. You can catch the full tutorial, as well as Charles and Easterling's adorable banter, in the video above.