James Charles' 'Instant Influencer' Trailer Dropped & I Hate That I'm Gonna Watch This Show

YouTube/James Charles

My must-watch list for TV and movies grows by the second, and today, it grew by one more. On Friday, April 3, James Charles dropped the trailer for Instant Influencer, a new YouTube original show he's hosting, with episodes airing for free on his YouTube channel. At first glance, the show, appearing similar to Netflix original competition shows like Nailed It! or Glow Up, is filled with exactly what you'd expect: a whole lot of makeup, guest stars and judges, and some impending ~dramatics~. In short, I hate the fact that I am fully going to watch this show like my life depends on it. I'm sorry.

At the start of the trailer, Charles alludes to the moment this all began in 2019, when he called on all aspiring beauty influencers to audition for a spot on Instant Influencer. Settling on a cast of six up-and-comers — Kailin Chase, Christian Perez, Britany Renteria, Gabriel Garcia, Ashley Strong, and Benny Cera — Charles flew the contestants to Los Angeles. There, he put them through a series of challenges for a chance to win $50,000 and be crowned the next big beauty influencer. "I'll test their artistry, camera presence, and potential to be a beauty superstar," he says in the trailer.

From the looks of it, Instant Influencer is packed with beauty star power already. Making appearances alongside Charles is beauty mogul Claudia "Norvina" Soare, daughter of Anastasia Beverly Hills' founder Anastasia Soare; drag queen Trixie Mattel; beauty YouTubers Nikita Dragun and Bretman Rock; and none other than Paris Hilton — because who else is gonna tell everyone there what's hot?

In addition to so many big names, the series also seems to be filled with capital D Drama. Between montages of contestants racing past each other on set, grabbing makeup from towering shelves, and rushing to complete makeup looks on camera, there are also plenty of tears shed (and false lashes struggling to stay on in the process). Hell, there's even a whole ass clip of Charles saying, "I honestly feel like you all owe me an apology." I didn't even do anything, but for whatever happened, I'm sorry, James!!!!!!

You can watch alllllll the laughs, challenges, and drama go down starting on Friday, April 24, on James Charles' YouTube Channel, where new episodes will drop there every week. See you guys there.