Jake Paul Claimed He Made The First Content House Ever & Twitter Is Not Pleased

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Thanks to the rise of TikTok, content collectives are more popular than ever online. The Hype House, Sway House, and clubhouse are just some of the biggest groups taking over, pumping out stars like Charli and Dixie D'Amelio, Addison Rae Easterling, Bryce Hall, Daisy Keech, and more. While content houses are now synonymous with the video-making platform, they didn't start there. YouTubers were already launching them years ago. Team 10 may have been the most popular, but it definitely wasn't the first. That's why Jake Paul's tweet claiming Team 10 was the first content house is getting dragged by creators and fans who are call his claims revisionist history.

Paul has been involved in a number of controversies over the years, and that's why a lot of people online aren't the biggest fans of him, so when he made a tweet taking credit for the popularity of content houses, users didn't waste any time putting him in his place.

"I create the first content house. Then there’s 500 content houses. I start boxing. Now every influencer is a boxer. What’s next? Y’all gon get raided by the FBI on purpose?" Paul wrote on Sunday, Nov. 15.

It's obvious he was referencing all the recent content houses that have popped up in 2020 due to TikTok. In case you're unfamiliar with the term, a content house is a physical space where influencers team up to create content together in order to help each other build their fanbases. They're usually huge mansions with expensive amenities, like pools, elevators, movie theater rooms, and more. Sometimes, the creators themselves rent the houses, while at at other times, they're owned by talent agencies or managers who oversee the stars' work.

Paul launched Team 10 in 2016 to great success, but before him, collectives like Our Second Life, Sidemen, and more existed. Jc Caylen, a former member of O2L, pointed this out to a fan who thought Paul was right. "I'll let others argue on who the 'biggest' was or is, but definitely not the first my guy, lmao. ppl jus gotta put respect to what O2L was & did. opened up a lot of sh*t of what people do today," Caylen tweeted.

He also replied directly to Paul's tweet. "W all due respect my guy O2L had the first content house. we were kickin it & shootin everyday in Encino before some of these cats were even in LA," Caylen wrote.

A lot of people agreed and they dragged Paul for ignoring everyone who came before him.

Clearly, Paul's tweet didn't go as planned.