Nikolaj Coster-Waldau Explained His "Absolutely Beautiful" Final Scene As Jaime Lannister

by Ani Bundel

Not everyone will survive Game of Thrones. The political chess maneuvering that has defined the HBO series has taken a massive toll on the fools who rush in, but it's not even close to done yet. There are six episodes left to go in the series, four of which are feature-length, and the body count is expected to be high. However, there is good news, as some actors are willing to reveal how long they hold on in the final battle. Actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, for example, admits Jaime Lannister's final scene in Game of Thrones doesn't come until late in the series.

Coster-Waldau is one of those who has been with the production since the very beginning, having played Jaime both in the current series and in the failed 2010 pilot episode before the show got picked up. Having made it to the final six episodes is a feat in and of itself, but most assume the chances his character will be standing in the last scene of the show are slim to none. Between the brave heroics expected during the Battle of Winterfell in episode 3 and the issues with his sister Cersei down in King's Landing, most fans figure Jaime will forfeit his life along the way. The only question is when.

Those who are worried Jaime will find himself taken out sooner rather than later have good news. In discussing his end, the actor admitted he's still got some screen time left this coming season.

Speaking to the Malaysian outlet Star 2, Coster-Waldau says he's delighted with how his death turned out.

I had a great last scene. It was absolutely beautiful. It was the perfect way to end. Obviously I can’t tell you what the scene was. It wasn’t the final scene (of the series), but it was close to the end and it was shot at a beautiful location.

The good news is "close to the end" most likely indicates Jaime will survive the horror show at Winterfell in Episode 3. The show has done everything it can to keep what happens post-Winterfell a secret, but most fans believe the answer is a return south toward King's Landing, where another battle will take place. Most of the on-site locations for southern Westeros are all filmed in genuinely gorgeous locations, so that fits with Coster-Waldau's description.


As to how the scene goes down, after a decade of doing press for Game of Thrones, Coster-Waldau is too much of a seasoned professional to give anything away. However, he does admit it affected him far more than he realized it would.

At this point, I had seen quite a lot of colleagues wrap, so I had seen a lot of tears, beautiful speeches, and I knew what to expect. I didn’t expect to be emotional, so I don’t know what happened. I had allergy, there was something in my eye… My final scene was beautiful.

Fans will most likely have tears of their own when saying goodbye to Jaime, whose journey from villain to fan-favorite has been one of Game of Thrones' highlights. The series returns to HBO on Sunday, April 14, 2019.