Ivanka Trump Revealed Her New Year's Resolution & TBH It Should Be All Of Ours

by Alexandra Svokos
Alex Wong/Getty Images News/Getty Images

It's the end of December, which means it's time for people all around the world to consider what they're going to change in the new year. Those hopeful wonderers include Ivanka Trump, whose New Year's resolution is honestly not a bad one for us all to try out. On Wednesday, Dec. 27, the eldest Trump daughter tweeted about her wish for 2018.

"New Year resolution, sleep more," Trump tweeted on Wednesday morning (yes, typo and all). Along with her message, Trump included a link to a USA Today article with the very calm headline of "Here's why sleep deprivation is toxic and will eventually kill you." Good vibes heading into 2018, amirite?

The article is by Jeff Stibel, vice chairman of Dun & Bradstreet, a partner of Bryant Stibel, and a brain scientist. His article looks into experiments done to figure out the effects of a lack of sleep. And sure enough, humans really, really need sleep in order to function properly... and not die. This is an article that has been making the rounds across social media since its publication on Dec. 22, so it makes sense that eventually it would get to Trump, who herself is an advocate of health and wellness, especially for women pursuing their careers (insert argument here about how her support for career women is really more about privileged white women, I know).

Now, Ivanka Trump's New Year's resolution isn't technically one of the most popular resolutions. According to Google data, the most popular resolutions for 2017 included getting healthy, getting organized, living life to the fullest, learning new hobbies, spending less/saving more, traveling, and reading more. So, again, technically, getting more sleep isn't on that list. But if you think about it, Trump's reasoning for wanting to get more sleep in 2018 is based on the idea of staying health (i.e. not dying), so really, her resolution is one of the most popular ones.

Ivanka Trump's New Year's resolutions typically revolve around health and wellness... at least, according to her past tweets.

In 2012, she thought about eating healthier.

In 2013, her resolution was inspired by a sponsorship.

And heading into 2016, Trump was all about quality time, excluding iPhones.

However, Trump's resolution heading into 2018 might be a little difficult considering her current job and her family's current circumstance.

I mean, she used to just run her own brand. Now, she's got her business on the side while she's advising her father, who is the President of the United States. She's under a ton of pressure from the public to control her father on his wilder antics and to rein him in from taking away rights and civil liberties from more people both in the United States and around the world. Stress can majorly affect a person's sleep habits, so these are all important factors for her resolution.

Meanwhile, Trump's got stress coming from the more personal side. She and her husband, Jared Kushner, moved from New York City to Washington D.C. last year, which is a stress, along with their three kids — one of whom is not yet two years old. And on top of all that, according to reports, many of her and Kushner's friends are turning on them for their support of the Donald Trump administration and their work in D.C.

With all that in mind, some people on Twitter have some suggestions for Ivanka in how to keep up with her "more sleep" resolution...

Still, regardless of what you think about Ivanka Trump personally, more sleep is a good and healthy resolution to keep. Let's just hope you're not kept up by fear of losing rights, fear of nuclear war, and notifications from Twitter about new statements from the president. Happy New Year!