Here's Why Watching The Super Bowl Together On A First Date Is Not The Best Idea

Super Bowl Sunday is upon us, which means nachos, Tom Brady (love him or hate him, that booty is poppin'), and... first dates? I'm unsure. I mean, is watching the Super Bowl a good first date idea? Let's discuss.

On one hand, watching the big game is a chance to knock back cheap beers and bond over your mutual appreciation of sports and carb-heavy snacks. There's no pressure to strap on uncomfortable heels, and any lulls in conversation can be attributed to your interest in the game, the ads, or Justin Timberlake's halftime show. (Speaking of, do you think there will be an 'NSYNC reunion?! Let's tackle that question another time. DM me your theories.)

On the other hand, you're basically committing to spending four hours with a stranger and if your date's got a Y chromosome, there's a pretty good chance he'll mansplain every play to you (there are downs, there are yards, I GET IT). Plus, unless you're equally interested in the game, one of you might feel a little neglected.

Personally, I fall on Team Anti-Super Bowl Date. I would prefer to sob over those Clydesdale ads and eat an inordinate amount of artificial cheese in peace. But that's just one woman's opinion — I asked a bunch of guys and girls what they thought, and a handful are totally down to watch the Pats and Eagles square off on date number one.

Here's what eight people had to say when asked if the Super Bowl was a good first date activity.

This girl sees the Super Bowl as a great, low-pressure chance to bond.

If you go to a bar to watch, sure! It'll be a fun atmosphere. People will cheer and you can high five and just hang out and drink beer. You could also talk to the people around you because you're not stuck alone with your date. Just find a bar that's crowded, but not so crowded that you'd be standing for hours.

—Francis, 23

This one... not so much.

I'd have to say no. The Super Bowl is v long, so if you don't click with the person, you're stuck there. Unless you both really like football and are fans of a team in the game (hopefully the same one), then it wouldn't be too bad!

—Carrie*, 25

If Sporty Spice is your spirit animal, go for it.

I don't see why not? It's a good date if you want to seem ~chill and sporty.~ Like Mel C.

—Alice, 24

"Bleh" sounds right to me.

Bleh. Football is so boring. And Americans consume more calories on Super Bowl Sunday than on Thanksgiving, I think. Not attractive. I would hate it.

—Tori, 23

But if neither of you is crazy invested in the game, why not?

I think it could be a good date, but it depends on the person you're going with. Like, if you think they'll ignore you and be overly invested in the game, then don't do it. But if they're chill about fangirling over the teams, then it's fine.

—Annalise*, 24

Welp, I watch in case Beyoncé makes an appearance. But I see his point.

I’d say it’s a pretty bad first date. If the guy or girl is an actual fan, they’ll probably want to watch the game with their friends. And if they're not, I don't know why they'd want to watch it at all.

— Jeb*, 23

Um, is this how that works?

I mean yeah. You'd be sitting for hours, most likely by yourselves, so you'll probably be making out the second quarter.

—Dev*, 24

Hard no if you're rooting for opposing teams (or fudged your sports knowledge).

If either of you is going to be upset your team losing, I'd say no. Oh, and probs don't watch the Super Bowl for a first date if you lied about how much you know about football.

—Emily, 24

I think I still fall on Team No, but if you've got a first date lined up for Super Bowl Sunday, let me know how it goes?

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*Names have been changed. Quotes have been edited and condensed for clarity.