'Jessica Jones' Season 2 Ended With A Huge Clue & It May Mean Big Things For Trish


There may be a new superhero on Jessica Jones... and she's a lot closer than anyone suspects. The newly released second season of Marvel's detective noir superhero drama involves a much bigger storyline for Jessica's bestie and adoptive sister Trish Walker than the first season did, and a cliffhanger in the season finale might mean that Trish is about to become a lot more than just a sidekick. That eyebrow-raising final scene has fans wondering the same thing: is Trish powered now on Jessica Jones? After all, a major part of the new season dealt with her artificially enhanced abilities, and there is a comic-book precedent for Trish to go super. Let's dissect what that scene could mean, and what a potentially superpowered Trish might look like if Season 3 of Jessica Jones decides to go in that direction. Spoiler alert: This post will discuss plot points from the entirety of Jessica Jones Season 2, so don't read on if you are still watching it.

The bulk of Trish Walker's storyline in the new season involves her obsession with (or more accurately, her addiction to) the adrenaline-pumping inhaler that her former flame Will Simpson left behind. Similar to the red pills that Simpson would ingest to increase his strength and durability in Season 1, he switches to inhaling a gaseous version of the IGH-created combat drug when he returns in the second season. Unfortunately, Simpson gets killed early on, but Trish nabs his inhaler.

Trish's craving for power has been a pretty apparent part of her character since the first season. After all, we did already see her down one of Simpson's red pills in order to fight against him towards the end of Season 1 — but that desire for more power of her own has definitely grown in Season 2. Once Trish gets her hands on Simpson's inhaler, she begins to misuse it constantly, which is clearly compounded by her past struggles with drug addiction. As the season progresses, it becomes clear that Trish has become hooked on her newfound strength and agility; she is even walking around sketchy neighborhoods just looking for criminals to beat up. But Trish is only able to keep her powers as long as she has that inhaler.

That's why Trish's final scene of the season is so shocking. After having spent days in the hospital recovering from when she kidnapped Dr. Karl and coerced him into experimenting on her, it looked like Karl's operation failed. But as Trish walks towards the elevator in Jessica's apartment at the end of the series, she drops her phone and amazingly, displays insane reflexes by catching it on her shoe.


You could even say that her reflexes were... cat-like. That's a big deal, because in the Marvel comics, Patsy Walker becomes the superhero Hellcat. Along with martial arts skills, Hellcat also gains the ability to generate forcefields and has psychic senses. Oh, and as the name might suggest, she also has the reflexes of a cat. This moment of Trish displaying supernatural reflexes at the end of the season definitely feels like Jessica Jones hinting at Trish becoming Hellcat in the future of the series.

So, definitely keep your eyes on Trish Walker for Season 3 of Jessica Jones. Hellcat became a major player in both the Avengers and the Defenders in the comic book series, having trained closely with heroes like Captain America and Beast from the X-Men. Her powers also include a mystical element, which is something that Jessica Jones has steered clear of for the most part, so Hellcat's introduction could very well shake up the very style of the show.