Here's What We Know About Tinashe's Upcoming 'Rent: Live' Performance


The newest live musical television event is almost here, and this time Fox is taking on one of the most popular and beloved modern musicals there is: Rent. To bring the story of struggling New Yorkers to life again, Rent: Live has assembled an all-star cast with superstars like Vanessa Hudgens, Jordan Fisher, and Mario. And one of the most exciting names on the cast list is Tinashe. Of course, nobody should be wondering is Tinashe lip-syncing in Rent: Live if they know anything about her incredible live singing talents. The pop star is primed to deliver a knockout performance when Rent: Live airs on Sunday, Jan. 27.

Tinashe will play Mimi Marquez in Rent: Live, the role originated by Daphne Rubin-Vega in the musical's original Broadway cast and further popularized by Rosario Dawson in the 2005 film adaptation. Mimi is an erotic dancer and drug addict who develops a relationship with Roger Davis, who is HIV-positive like her. Roger will be played by The X Factor breakout Brennin Hunt in Fox: Live. Interestingly enough, Tinashe's Fox: Live castmate Vanessa Hudgens has played Mimi before in the Hollywood Bowl's 2010 production of Rent, so maybe she got a few tips from Hudgens on the set. This time, Hudgens will be playing the role of Maureen Johnson in Rent: Live.

The Rent: Live cast is stacked with musical talent, and Tinashe leads the charge with a burgeoning pop music career under her belt. She topped the charts with her 2014 debut single "2 On," and released her sophomore album Joyride at the beginning of 2018. Tinashe gave fans a taste of her singing talents as Mimi for Rent: Live in a recent Instagram video. In the clip, Tinashe and Brennin Hunt belt out Mimi and Roger's duet "Another Day" during rehearsals. Check it out below:

Mimi has a ton of big songs in Rent that Tinashe will perform live on Fox in Rent: Live. Most of Mimi's songs are duets with her love interest Roger — along with "Another Day," they also sing together on "Light My Candle," "I Should Tell You," and "Without You" — and she's also part of most of the big ensemble numbers, but Mimi's big song is "Out Tonight." Fans are no doubt most looking forward to Tinashe's take on the most exuberant song from Rent.

And Tinashe is just one of the many incredible voices in the Rent: Live cast. As previously mentioned, Brennin Hunt and Vanessa Hudgens will appear as Roger and Maureen, and fans can also look forward to Hamilton breakout Jordan Fisher in the lead role of Mark Cohen, as well as Jesus Christ Superstar Live show-stealer Brandon Victor Dixon in the part of Tom Collins. The cast also includes RuPaul's Drag Race star Valentina as Angel, Kiersey Clemons as Joanne Jefferson, and Mario as Benjamin "Benny" Coffin III. The Greatest Showman star Keala Settle will also join the cast to sing Rent's most iconic number "Seasons of Love."

Rent: Live will air on Fox on Sunday, Jan. 27 at 8 p.m. ET.