7 Places To Get Your Sweet Tricks And Treats On This Halloween In NYC

Adults may not be able to go door-to-door on Halloween looking to score some candy (because that might be a tad awkward), but we can still satisfy our sweet tooth. I'm not just talking about snacking on a bowl of candy corn while watching Netflix, either. You may be wondering, is there trick or treating in New York City? Well, I have some good news for you, because sweet snags are awaiting on Halloween if you're planning on haunting the Big Apple this year.

It's hard to give up the idea that we were once able to fill up a pillowcase or two with free candy in just one day. Seriously, that candy would literally last until Thanksgiving if our parents were able to keep us from getting chocolate wasted the night of. No worries though, because rewarding yourself with adult-like activities, sweets, and buys is what Halloween should be about now. Notice that there is no regulation about not being able to dress up. So, not only do you get to participate in adult behavior, but you can also be BOOtiful while doing it.

New York City is full of delicious deals and sweet vibes on Halloween for any of us adults having a hard time letting go of the candy and fun-filled days of our youth. Fear no more (at least until the goblins and ghouls ascend), and find your way to Halloween fun in the city that never sleeps this year. Obviously, you'll have to whip out that cash, but it'll make for an unforgettable time.

Marshmallow Ghosts At Bouchon Bakery
Bouchon Bakery on Twitter

These vanilla marshmallow ghosts at Bouchon Bakery are calling out to your sweet tooth. Marshmallows are already yummy, but add in some vanilla and the theme of Halloween, and the big kid in us all is jumping for joy. This seemingly feels like we mastered the loophole of adulting on the spookiest day of the year. Bouchon Bakery knows the way into a foodie's heart. Grab your girlfriends and some cash, and you're set for a sweet time.

Fashion Show At Sky Room
SKY ROOM® on Twitter

Since Halloween doesn't necessarily fall on the most convenient day of the year this go-around, doing something fun the Thursday beforehand is an option. I don't care what anyone says, dressing up will never just be a kid thing. The Sky Room has an enticing rooftop section which is great for anyone who wants to literally feel swallowed by the night and all of its spook. From an awesome happy hour deal and savoring the venue's Bloody Mojitos, to dressing up in costume, get ready for a night filled of tricks and treats.

Delicious Brownies From Fat Witch Bakery
Fat Witch Bakery on Twitter

Brownies taste good any time of the year, but for argument's sake, we simply want them to help fill the "no more boat loads of free candy" void. Fat Witch Bakery has all kinds of brownies to fulfill whatever sweet tooth variation you happen to have. Also, the name itself is festive AF, so hightail it on your broomstick and snag yourself some yummy goodness in honor of the holiday.

Boo's And Booze At McFadden's Saloon
McFadden's Saloon on Twitter

Put the boo in your BOOze and head on over to McFadden's Saloon for a Halloween celebration on October 28. This is a ticketed event that costs $35 for an open bar from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. Be sure to get your tickets early, fellow witches.

Chocolate Chip Cookies At Levain Bakery
Jackie Flores on Twitter

You can see it now -- holding the warm gooey goodness in your hand and slowly splitting the chocolate chip cookie so that you can see the traces of steam escape the middle. Yes, eating a delicious chocolate chip cookie is that dramatically detailed, because it's a moment any foodie will remember and replay. Levain Bakery has some of the best chocolate chip cookies, you'll literally forget Halloween was once all about candy.

Sky High Halloween Bash At Hudson Terrace
HudsonTerrace on Twitter

Hudson Terrace is hosting their own Halloween fun this year. Not only are there sweet views of the river, but the rooftop is heated. Yes, those more risque outfits do not have to be given an ultimatum of slaying or shivering the entire night. Your sweet tooth will really be here for the cocktails. Also, this event will have an hour-long free open bar included in your early ticket purchase, so don't be too fashionably late.

Get A Spoon Or Two Full Of Banana Pudding At Magnolia Bakery
Magnolia Bakery on Twitter

Oh my goodness. Leave the simple chocolate pudding cups to the adolescents, and get yourself a cup of this dreamy, salted caramel banana pudding. Forget pillow cases full of candy, and indulge in spoonfuls of this decadent deliciousness at Magnolia Bakery. Hurry though, because this beauty will only be able to satisfy those taste buds for a limited time.

Whatever trickery gets you a treat this year, it's all worth it for some Halloween excitement. Make the night your own and leave your pillowcases at home.