This Best Nine 2018 App Is The Easiest Way To Relive Your Top Moments From The Year

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With less than a month left in 2018, it is time to start looking back on the year's top moments. There are major news events that have defined this year, but what about your own personal milestones? You know, like the pic you post from your first trip to Europe or that one from your first day on a new job. There are various other apps that can help you create your best nine pictures of the year, so how do you know which one to choose? You're probably wondering, "Is there a Best Nine 2018 app?" The short answer is yes. Here's what you need to know.

If you do a quick search in your phone's app store for end-of-the-year photo collage apps, you're bound to turn up quite a few different options. There is one app that cuts to the chase and gets the job done. The Best Nine app lets you look back on your top Instagram moments of the year. These moments include your top nine photos that you've posted in 2018. You've probably seen suggestions for using the Top Nine app this year, but the Best Nine app will give you a collage without the hassle of entering your email and waiting for it to arrive in your inbox.

The Best Nine app is available for iOS users and is available for download from the App Store. Sadly, I couldn't find the Best Nine app in the Google Play app store. If you have an Android device, check out some of the other best nine photo apps that are available. Anyway, after downloading the Best Nine app, you will be prompted to select the year in which you want to generate a review for. The app goes as far back as 2011. Unless you are feeling particularly nostalgic for some reason, select 2018 to start looking back on your year.

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From there, you will be prompted to connect your Instagram account to the Best Nine app. You can also log in via Facebook. (Just a quick note: These apps are created by a third party company and not affiliated with Instagram in any way.) You'll have to authorize the app to access your Instagram account (don't worry, you'll be prompted). Once you've done that, sit back and let the app create your top nine photos of 2018.

While there are still a couple of weeks left in 2018, I went ahead and rounded up my top nine photos of the year. Posts with multiple photos might turn up as some of your top nine photos of the year. It won't pull all of the pictures from the set you posted, only the first one. (Basically, the app is just pulling your nine most liked photos from 2018.)

If you don't like the order your photos appear in, you can easily adjust the images by clicking the "rearrange" button underneath the collage. You can also play around with the image scaling so that the pictures appear in the shape and size they did when you posted them. Or, you can opt to have the pictures fill up the entire square. This is the option I picked. This way, everything looks nice and even.

Screenshot Best Nine App/Rachel Murphy

You guys, the Best Nine app makes it super simple to round up your top nine photos of the year. You can save the collage directly to your photos folder on your mobile device or click the "share" button. The share button gives you the option to upload the image directly to Instagram, or you can upload it from your phone.

One final thing to note about the app. It is free, but there will be a few ads here and there. The whole process of creating your best nine photos takes a minute or less, so the ads really aren't that big of a deal. It costs $1.99 to remove the ads forever. So, the moral of this post is to make sure you download the Best Nine app available for iOS users and don't waste time with some of those other apps out there. You'll be able to take a look back on 2018 in just a matter of seconds without all of the extra fuss.