Netflix Addressed The Rumor That 'The Office' Is Leaving The Service & I'm Sweating


Twitter recently went in to a frenzy of concern after speculation started swirling that a certain sitcom favorite might be close to expiring on Netflix. Is The Office leaving Netflix? Even the thought makes me shudder and launch into Michael Scott's famous "no God, please, no" monologue, but that rumor appears to be just that. A rumor. Netflix went ahead and set the record straight and it looks like our Friday night (and every other night, TBH) binge sessions are safe for now.

According to Decider, worry surrounding The Office's streaming expiration date spiraled on May 30 when a Twitter user who goes by @hannahboucher_ noticed some Netflix fine print that labeled the show as "available until Jan 1st." Naturally, this caused quite the stir among fans. But just because something's on Twitter does not make it true. Leave it to Netflix to swoop in and appease viewers who feared their days of watching the antics of Dunder Mifflin on a loop was about to come to an end. The service took to their own offiical Twitter following the confusion, throwing back to a former tweet that addressed the same rumor. "This is still true," it read, linking to a tweet from from April 4, 2017 that confirmed "The Office is not coming off Netflix."

The photo used in Netflix's 2017 post is of course a doctored version of the famous whiteboard moment from a 2009 episode of The Office when Michael attributes Wayne Gretzky's famed "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take" quote to himself.

Phew. The Office has been a part of the Netflix family for a while now and it looks like its afterlife there will be a long one despite past unsubstantiated rumblings that its days on the service were numbered.

In addition to the comforting news that the show is always at subscribers fingertips, here have been talks of an Office revival for a few years now. Reports that NBC was considering bringing back the series surfaced last year. Cast members have also weighed in on if they would be down for returning. John Krasinski recently said he would totally reprise the lovable Jim Halpert, if asked.

"It's one of those things where I'm sure people don’t believe me when I say I would totally do it, because the truth is I would totally do it," the actor told IndieWire in March, noting that a "Christmas special" might be a good way to make the comeback work.

"I did hear that … on the internet," Krasinski also remarked to Ellen in February when asked about the possibility of a reboot. "Guess who didn’t get a call? Me. What does that say? NBC is like, ‘You know who we didn’t like? Jim.’”

Krasinkski's former co-stars like Ed Helms and Angela Kinsey have additionally expressed interest in considering more Office, although unfrotunately Steve Carrell isn't as enthusiastic about the idea (but he would totally have a reunion party with his old colleagues!).

If The Office reboot doesn't end up taking shape at NBC, maybe Netflix will pick up the project. They have quite the history of taking on classic TV shows and canceled favorites...

While The Office remains, there are a few beloved titles you have to say goodbye to on Netflix this month. Faves like 50 First Dates and Men in Black left the streaming platform on June 1 and Marvel's Captain America: Civil War is set to depart on June 25.

Not much is certain in this world, but it's nice to know audiences can take comfort in knowing The Office is safe on Netflix. No matter what Twitter says, I'm not the least bit stitious it's leaving any time soon.