Apple Is Taking Away A Huge iPhone 7 Option, So Maybe It's Time To Look At The iPhone 8

by Collette Reitz
Spencer Platt/Getty Images News/Getty Images

You know that moment when you come across some totally Instagram-worthy fall trees (I'm talking the colorful ones that aren't all brown and crunchy), and you go to snap a pic on your iPhone only to find out you have no more storage available on your phone? Yeah, that's no fun. That kind of problem seemed like a thing of the past once Apple made the 256 GB iPhone 7 available — you could keep all your iMessages and snap all the fall pics. Unfortunately, though, you might have to start looking beyond the iPhone 7 if you want that kind of storage now.

According to Mashable, you can no longer buy the 256 GB iPhone 7 from the Apple store. The website stated that Apple discontinued the 256 GB iPhone 7 on Sept. 12, which just so happened to be the very same day that the iPhone 8 was made available (I see you, Apple). Currently, the highest amount of storage available for the iPhone 7 from the Apple store is 128 GB.

The 256 GB option for an iPhone is not gone and lost forever, though. You'll just have to get it by purchasing an iPhone 8, or if you're into spending your rent money on the latest technology, you can hold out for the 256 GB iPhone X.

Mashable noted in their article that there seemed to be less interest in the iPhone 8 than Apple might have expected. For example, Mashable points to a Google trends chart, which indicates that more people are searching for the iPhone 7 more often than the iPhone 8. The iPhone 7's continued popularity would seem to indicate that its features and price point are enough to keep Apple customers happy. The iPhone 8 has new features like the option of cordless charging and some camera upgrades, but the look is not all that dissimilar to the iPhone 7. Perhaps there aren't enough significant changes to make the customers believe that the iPhone 8 upgrade is worth their while.

That is, until they realize that it's their only way to get a 256 GB phone. Customers who have grown accustomed to the large storage capacity will have to upgrade their phone when buying from the Apple store if they want to continue living the 256GB life. If you already have the 256 GB iPhone 7, then you don't have anything to worry about.

If you're the kind of person who looks forward to Apple's new iPhone release just so you can get last year's model at a discounted price, don't count start moving your money around for the iPhone 8 or iPhone X just yet. There is still the possibility that you can buy the 256 GB iPhone 7 from local wireless carriers like Verizon, according to Mashable. The website states that Verizon is selling the 256 GB iPhone 7 for $749.99, while the 256 GB iPhone 8 is going for $849.99.

Really, you're just out of luck when it comes to buying the 256 GB iPhone 7 at the Apple store.

As someone who regularly deletes apps, messages, and selfies to free up storage space, I am very much into the thought of a 256 GB iPhone. Apple likely figured as much, and the company decided that taking that option away from an older version would drive interest to the iPhone 8. Clearly, it's up to you whether or not your stick with a lower GB iPhone 7 or upgrade to the iPhone 8. For me, the wireless charging is enough to sell me on an iPhone 8, and the fact that you get that very necessary 256 GB option with is just icing on the Apple cake.

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