Sara Waisglass as Max in Ginny & Georgia Season 1.

Read This If You Can't Stop Thinking About Max's Musical In 'Ginny & Georgia'


While fans fell in love with the mother-daughter duo at the heart of Ginny & Georgia, Ginny's new BFF Maxine (aka Max) is a total scene-stealer. It's clear Max literally has a flair for the dramatic, because she bags the lead role in the high school musical and preparing for her moment in the spotlight becomes a huge part of her Season 1 arc. After her show-stopping performance in the Season 1 finale, you may be wondering: Is Sing Sing from Ginny & Georgia a real musical? Sadly, it's not — but it is based on a real one.

Throughout Season 1, viewers caught glimpses of Sing Sing: A Musical of Love Behind Bars coming to life, as Max crushed on her costar Riley and learned plenty of jazzy moves. While it's not actually a musical IRL, Sing Sing is loosely based on one of the most iconic stage shows out there: Chicago. Set during the Roaring '20s and inspired by real criminals, the musical tells the story of Roxie Hart and Velma Kelly, two murderesses who teamed up while awaiting trial in the all-female Cook County Jail. They soon became famous in the process — as notorious felons from that time often did — and used their celebrity status to get acquitted.

With that in mind, it's clear Wellsbury High School's Sing Sing production definitely took inspiration from Chicago. The musical seems to follow Max's character as she serves her time in Suffolk County Jail and later forms alliances with the other women behind bars. In Episode 3, viewers even saw the cast rehearsing a Fosse-style dance number that looked to be straight out of Chicago's playbook.

If that's not enough to convince you, actor Sara Waisglass (who plays Max) made an Insta post confirming Sing Sing is basically a tribute to Chicago. "When they told me the inspo behind [Sing Sing] was Chicago, I chuckled to myself knowing damn well I perform 'Cell Block Tango' in my bedroom alone WAY more than I'm comfortable admitting," Waisglass wrong in her IG caption. The actor also blessed fans with some exclusive behind-the-scenes pics of her Sing Sing look, including closer peeks at her flapper costume and chic bob.

It's unclear whether Ginny & Georgia wasn't able to secure the rights to the real Chicago or they simply wanted to create an original musical, but fingers crossed the show will return for Season 2 and let everyone get swept up in Max's memorable on- and offstage drama all over again.

Ginny & Georgia is streaming now on Netflix.