Fans Think Selena Called Justin Out Again In Her Surprise Single

Jason Merritt/TERM/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

On Thursday, Oct. 24, Selena Gomez surprised fans with a new single, "Look At Her Now." The news comes just one day after she released her first single in two years, "Lose You To Love Me." While the first release was a tear-jerking melody that seemed to focus on heartbreak, the second is a powerful anthem all about moving on. Of course, fans are wondering if Selena Gomez's "Look At Her Now" is about Justin Bieber.

In case you need a little refresher, Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber have a long dating history. The two started dating way back in 2011 and broke up in 2012, though they were on and off until 2014. The pair rekindled their relationship in late 2017 (after Gomez's breakup with The Weeknd), but called it quits again in early 2018. Since then, Justin Bieber married Hailey Baldwin in September 2018 at a New York courthouse, followed by a formal ceremony on Sept. 30, 2019.

That brings us to October 2019. On Oct. 17, Gomez took to Instagram to post a series of photos with cryptic captions like, "We always go into it blindly," and "Rose colored glasses all distorted." Fans speculated a single was coming, which Gomez announced was "Lose You To Love Me." The song dropped on Oct. 23, and fans speculated those lyrics could be about Justin Bieber. Now, on Oct. 24, it's happening again.

Gomez's lyrics to "Look At Her Now" go:

They fell in love one summer / A little too wild for each other / Shiny 'til it wasn't / Feels good 'til it doesn't / It was her first real lover / His too 'til he had another / Oh, God, when she found out / Trust levels went way down / Of course she was sad / But now she's glad she dodged a bullet (Mm) / Took a few years to soak up the tears / But look at her now, watch her go

Specifically here, "her first real lover" could be indicative of Bieber. "His too 'til he had another" could refer to Gomez being Bieber's first love until he met Baldwin. The song continues:

Fast nights that got him / That new life was his problem / Not saying she was perfect / Still regrets that moment / Like that night / Wasn't wrong, wasn't right, yeah / What a thing to be human (What a thing to be human) / Made her more of woman (Made her more of a woman) / Of course she was sad / But now she's glad she dodged a bullet (Mm) / Took a few years to soak up the tears / But look at her now, watch her go

Fans on Twitter can't help but think Gomez is singing about Bieber again in her new song.

Well, third time's a charm, right? Should fans expect another single tomorrow? I guess all that's left to do is wait and find out.