Rudi’s New Song "Stupid Boy" Is About Matt From 'Listen To Your Heart'

Rudi From 'Listen To Your Heart' Has A New Breakup Song & Yep, It's About Matt

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Though she didn't leave with love or the grand prize on The Bachelor Presents: Listen To Your Heart, Rudi — who goes by her first name only, à la Beyoncé — still came out a star. Since her nationally televised breakup with Matt Ranaudo on the show's May 18 season finale, the 25-year-old has been focused on her solo music career. Now, with the release of Rudi's new song "Stupid Boy," it's clear Matt is in her past, and her future is looking bright.

"Stupid Boy," which was released on July 10, is all about moving on. The lyrics — such as "Thought that you left me broke, but since you let me go / Oh I can't lie, I don't really miss you tonight" — really drive this point home.

Though the inspiration for the song came from all of Rudi's past relationships, she admits it was specifically created with Matt in mind. "I was pretty invested in that relationship and just got to a point where I felt like I was being a little bit taken advantage of," Rudi tells Elite Daily. "It's just kind of about letting that person go even though he probably thinks he has me wrapped around his finger — he doesn't. I'm doing better without him."

In the first month after the Listen To Your Heart finale, Rudi and Matt stayed connected, performing together on Instagram Lives and even releasing "Mudi" merch. During this time, Rudi says, she thought she and Matt were working toward getting back together romantically. But it became clear that was not the case. "Things just started rubbing me the wrong way, and that's when I was just like, 'I can't do this anymore.' I felt like I was being used in a sense."

Rudi is currently single ("I feel like I’ve never been more single in my life," she admits) and says it's officially over with Matt — for now, at least. "Never say never. I obviously still care about him a lot, unfortunately, because I'm an idiot," she jokes. "I'm just trying to keep my space and learn to be on my own. If it turns into something one day, then it does."

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Listen To Your Heart viewers who got to know Rudi as a dating show contestant are now seeing her career as a solo artist take center stage. She acknowledges this can be a little tricky, since many fell in love with her as part of a duo. "[Fans] love the idea of me and Matt together. So that’s been tough for me to try and deal with, but I've tried to be super open with everyone about it," she says. "The main thing for me is just to be real with people. In life and in my music."

With Listen To Your Heart in the past, Rudi is no longer competing against other artists to prove herself, nor is she trying to win over any "stupid boys." Instead, the singer is aiming to stand out as a one-of-a-kind star.

"I want someone to be compared to me, I don’t want to be compared to someone else," she says. "I want to be Rudi."

"Stupid Boy" is available on all major music streaming platforms now.