Matt and Rudi on 'Listen To Your Heart'

Here Are The Odds Matt & Rudi Are Together After 'Listen To Your Heart'


A cheesy quote once said: "If you love something, let it go. If it comes back to you, its yours forever. If it doesn’t, then it was never meant to be." For the case of Matt and Rudi on Listen To Your Heart, it seems like this quote might ring true. After an initial spark on Night 1, the pair tried to pursue other relationships, only to end up together and become one of the final three couples on the show. But are Matt and Rudi together after Listen To Your Heart? The post-show fate is up in the air.

ICYMI, Rudi and Matt are heading into the Listen To Your Heart finale as one of the final three couples. Their relationship wasn't without its share of ups and downs leading up to this point, however. On Night 1, although there was instant chemistry between them, Matt went in for a kiss while they were in a hot tub, which was a bit too fast for Rudi. Then, things got rough when Matt chose to take Mel on a one-on-one date instead of Rudi. In the first Rose Ceremony, Rudi gave her rose to Ryan, and Matt chose Mel.

Neither of those relationships went anywhere, though, and the pair ended up back together pretty quickly. In Episode 2, they bonded over some awkward moments with the other contestants, and in an unexpected twist of events, Rudi slapped Matt jokingly, then kissed him, basically solidifying their status as a couple.

Now, after their May 11 duet performance of "Shallow," from A Star is Born, the couple seems like they have a good shot at winning the competition — and perhaps even staying together after this whole thing is over.


While they haven't made any official announcements about their current relationship status, social media can always provide a few good hints.

As of May 14, the pair still follow each other on Instagram, and they post about each other quite often. While those photos are usually clips from their duet performances on the show, they also provide more casual photos of them just hanging out. They both like each others photos regularly — even if they're not music-related — which doesn't seem like the behavior of a couple who has split up.

To make things even more cute, they both seem to be leaning in to their couple nickname "Mudi," on Instagram. "Who's ready for Mudi Monday?!" Rudi captioned one of her latest pics. Matt has also used the nickname on social media.

So, while there's no official word on whether Mudi is still a thing, at least fans can rest assuered things are still at least friendly between them. The only thing left is to see if they can win it all on the Listen To Your Heart finale on May 18 on ABC.