Rihanna Wore A Pair Of Fenty Sunglasses & Fans Think She Might Be Designing A Whole Line

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On Monday night, Rihanna attended rapper 718 Spank's show in New York and naturally, the paparazzi snapped photos galore. While her entire look was impossibly cool in ways that only Riri can master, one accessory in particular caught the eye of eagle-eyed fans. The question, "Is Rihanna releasing Fenty sunglasses?" is now buzzing on Twitter as a result of the photos, which show the singer and business mogul wearing a very "her" pair of specs. Seeing as Rihanna is already dominating the music, beauty, and lingerie industries, why wouldn't she want to move into the eyewear space next?

On January 15, Twitter user @RihannaNavy532 posted a photo of Rihanna heading to the show the prior night. She was wearing a coat by Vetements, a mesh bodysuit by Maison Margiela, necklaces by Jacquie Aiche, pointy toed boots by Balenciaga, and a crocodile bag by Dior. (You can see the full breakdown of the look here.) It boasted an oversized menswear appeal with a highlighter bright twist and proved once again that Riri is the queen of unexpected style.

Shortly after the initial post, another user by the name of @HausRihanna, who is incredibly perceptive, replied to the post, asking, "Unless I'm going blind, the right side of Rihanna's sunglasses say 'FENTY'. New collab or just customization?" Rihanna wore the shades with another look that same night, proving they look rad AF, no matter how dressed up or down:

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Indeed, if you look at closer-up photos of Rihanna's shades, they are emblazoned with a Fenty logo, which, as we all know, thanks to the celebrity's other product-focused ventures, is her brand name as well as her last name. User @Moosa_Kaula Tweeted a clear image of the specs, writing, "Hold up... Fenty sunglasses are coming."

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While Rihanna has yet to confirm a collection of eyewear herself, it seems pretty promising that one could be in the works. After all, it is her modus operandi to test drive her products before they hit. (She does this often with new Fenty Beauty launches and was photographed wearing Savage X Fenty on multiple occasions before the line dropped.)

If the sunglasses she was photographed in are any indication of what the potential collection might look like, sign me up for a pair, stat. Featuring a boxy shield-style lens, a sculptural metal frame, and overall futuristic design, they're a far cry from the much tinier shades Rihanna was spotted in throughout 2018. Did she get tired of the almost-too-small-to-be-effective styles, or did she simply want to ensure her line was breaking the trend mold? Either way, the new direction is fire.

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If the new eyewear line does come to fruition, it will be the latest in what is already a long and lucrative line of Fenty-branded ventures and would cement Rihanna as a business mogul even further. Currently, RiRi is involved in a lawsuit with her father, whom she is suing for using the name Fenty for the talent and production company, Fenty Entertainment, he cofounded in 2017, according to NBC. Uh, yeah, no sh*t. The star is a self-made millionaire, and no one, not even her own father, should think they can ride on her coattails.

But real quick, when's that next album dropping, Rihanna?