Here's Why Post-Workout Sex Can Be So Freaking Amazing

Do you ever find yourself feel extra horny after hitting the gym? That may sound strange, particularly after putting your all into breaking a sweat during your workout. But it can be hard to resist a little extra physical activity when getting it on after working out feels so freaking good. But, is post-workout sex better than normal sex, or is it all mental? Turns out, it's a little bit of both.

According to sex experts, if you feel like post-workout sex is better, you're not wrong. "Exercise has many benefits that bring an advantage to your sex life," sex expert and Good For Her founder, Carlyle Jansen, tells Elite Daily. But what is it about hitting the gym that makes sex so much better? The experts explain that some of the reasons post-workout sex can be especially hot has to do with how exercise affects you mentally, in terms of how you it makes you feel about yourself and your body. In addition to that, the experts say there are also physiological and neurological reasons why working out boosts sexual satisfaction. So, if you find yourself wanting to get hot and sweaty after you, get, well, hot and sweaty, you're not alone. Here's why sex after a workout feels oh-so-good.

Exercise Is A Confidence Booster.

One of the most powerful ways working out effects how you feel about sex, says Jansen, is how it impacts your self-confidence. "It can boost your self-esteem and how you feel about your body, making you more comfortable getting naked with a partner and more able to let go with sex," she explains. That confidence also elevates your mood in general and, as sexologist Tanya M. Bass tells Elite Daily, that also increases your libido and makes the sex better.

Working Out Releases Feel-Good Hormones.

All the endorphins and hormones your body releases during a workout also have sexual benefits, as sex therapist Dr. Stefani Threadgill tells Elite Daily. "During exercise, our brain releases feel-good hormones, such as endorphins, serotonin and adrenaline. If you and your lover work out together, you may feel connected just by engaging in a mutual interest and shared activity," she says.

Reduced Stress Equals Better Sex.

Stress is a notorious desire killer because, as Jensen says, "It gets in the way of pleasure for a lot of folks." So, it just makes sense that activities that combat stress, like exercise, can help improve overall satisfaction. "When we are stressed, it is harder to get into 'rest-and-digest' mode which is optimal for our body's blood to flow to all the important erogenous areas. Sex is better when we are relaxed, which some can achieve in other ways, but exercise is a great, healthy way to relax," explains Jensen.

Exercise Increases Energy And Endurance.
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Does it seem like your post-workout sex is more energetic? Bass says that's because of the physical after-effects of exercise. "[People] have more energy to have sex since there is an increase of oxygen to their muscles, especially in anaerobic or aerobic exercises," she explains. "Exercises like Pilates and yoga tend to give the body more flexibility and muscle elongation which is a benefit when having sex as well.”

All this extra energy, Jansen says, translates into a more engaged and satisfying experience. "We are more motivated to put effort into sex rather than just lying there until it is over," she explains.

Better Blood Flow Means More Pleasurable Sex.

If it seems like you orgasm longer or more easily after a workout, Bass says that could be due to better circulation. "Due to the increased blood flow from the workout, there can be more intense orgasms or longer stronger erections," she explains. Jansen agrees that this can have a powerful impact on your pleasure. "Some women can only orgasm after exercise as they need the extra circulation to flow to their genital areas," she explains.

So, if the next time you work out you feel like getting your heart beating again at home, the experts say go for it. "Try it out with your partner for an extra boost of connection. Get sweaty together, shower and get sweaty again together — or skip the shower and just stay sweaty," Jansen concludes. Sounds like great advice to me.