'Daredevil' Fans Have A Lot Of Questions After This Season 3 Death

by Ani Bundel

Daredevil has always been a show about good vs. evil, dark vs. light. The religious-tinged series never introduces a bad character without bringing along a good counterpart to keep the balance. Nowhere was this more obvious than in Daredevil Season 3, with the inclusion of two brand new FBI agents to the show: Ben "Dex" Poindexter and Rahul "Ray" Nadeem. Dex was the evil side of the coin, joining forces with Fisk, while Ray was virtuous, joining with Matt and Foggy. That's why the ending hurt so much. Is Nadeem really dead? Warning: Spoilers for Daredevil Season 3 follow.

Dex, in his Bullseye persona and fake Daredevil costume, may have gone against the real Daredevil in the finale, but Matt, being who he is, left his nemesis alive. In the final scene of the show, Dex is shown to be having his spine repaired, ready to be an antagonist for seasons to come.

But Ray wasn't as lucky. Faced with the impossible task of taking down Fisk, he decides to sacrifice himself, with Dex on the trigger end of the gun. It was a bold play to secret away a video to his wife while still keeping her safe and taking down Fisk in the process. But did Ray really have to die?


Actually, yes. The answer lies in the convoluted showdown between Fisk, Dex, and Daredevil in the finale.

Matt's plan (which is pretty brilliant) is to wind Dex up to the point where he snaps. Dex was never the most stable person anyway. Learning Fisk had Julie, the woman he was obsessed with, killed, robbing him of his "North Star" was the straw that did it. Matt used Bullseye as a battering ram to follow straight to Fisk, with the plan to take him down.

But Matt didn't want to kill Fisk or to let Dex kill him either. He merely wanted to control him. This means he needed something on Vanessa, something which could put Fisk's wife in jail to keep the Kingpin in line. That something was the order to kill Nadeem.

When Fisk starts involving Vanessa into his business, she's not afraid of being just as criminal as he is. Upon seeing Nadeem and hearing from Fisk this is a man who put their position in danger, it's her who says Nadeem should be eliminated.


This may sound like a technicality. After all, Fisk probably would have given the order himself. But he didn't, and she did, and Matt, as a lawyer, knows it means Nadeem's death lies at Vanessa's feet. He could get a jury to convict.

Nadeem's death wasn't what Matt wanted to happen, but once it did, it became the lynchpin in Matt's last-ditch plan to take down Fisk. It worked — Fisk obediently goes back to jail, Vanessa goes back to Europe as a fugitive, and Nelson, Murdock, and Page become a team again all thanks to Nadeem's sacrifice. Fans hope come Season 4 it will not have been in vain.