Mikaela Shiffrin's BF, Mathieu Faivre, Was Sent Home From The Olympics, So That's Awk

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Take a journey with me for a second. How perfect would it be to not only represent your country at the 2018 PyeongChang Olympics, but to do that alongside your athlete partner, who's also representing their country at the Olympics? If that sounds unattainable, think again, because that's literally the case for American skier Mikaela Shiffrin. If you were wondering, "Is Mikaela Shiffrin single?" wonder no more. Although, it seems her ride through that dream scenario I just mentioned was short-lived.

You see, Shiffrin, 22, an alpine ski racer for the U.S. and already an Olympic gold medalist, is in a relationship with another skier, French alpine racer Mathieu Faivre, 26. Shiffrin told Us Weekly that she and Faivre began dating this past summer, and they've been taking things pretty slow and steady for the time being. (Maybe because, IDK, they're both Olympic athletes who live in different countries and have to do stuff like train?)

"I mean honestly we haven’t had that many dates, this is a very new fresh thing," she told Us Weekly. "It just started this summer pretty much. So a typical date is like him flying to the U.S. or me flying to France and finding something to do for a few days, for like four days, and then it’s, like, 'OK, bye. See you next time!'"

Even though it's clear the couple don't get to spend a ton of time together, you'd think competing in the Olympics together would give them some much-needed quality time (at least in the same country). However, it seems that their time together has been cut short, as Faivre was sent home from the Olympics on Sunday after the giant slalom competition, according to USA Today.

Faivre made some questionable comments to the press following his race. According to BBC, after finishing seventh in the competition, Faivre said he was "disgusted with the result." "I'm here to race for myself only," he continued to journalists at the race. "I felt I was skiing well in the second run but when I saw where I'd finished it was like a slap in the face." The director of French men's skiing, David Chastan, has indeed confirmed that Faivre was sent home, citing "disciplinary reasons."

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Faivre has since posted an apology on Facebook, clarifying his statements at the race:

I would like to come back to what I had to say about my race for the Olympic games today in pyeongchang.
As a reminder, I had claimed that the team race (not the team event!!) was the last of my worries about a journalist asking me for my feelings as a result of our good French shooting.
So I would just like to write you this little message to do my mea-culpa if it could shock some people and explain the substance of my thought. Skiing is an individual sport that is practiced as a team. However, when we are in the starting gate, only our individual race and our own performance are important. So yes, when it came time to give my feelings on my race, a few 10 minutes after crossing the finish line, only my performance and failure were present. No one reacts in the same way to failure and I have to admit, coming from the south, I may tend to have hot blood. So words have crossed my mind. I did not want to disrespect anyone, I was extremely proud to represent my country and I thank all those who made this possible.

While it's unclear how or if Faivre's dismissal from the Olympics affected Shiffrin, it seems she supported Faivre's apology, throwing it a "like" on Facebook.

Shiffrin also recently opened up about the struggle of dating when you're an athlete training for the freaking Olympics. (Sorry, I'm still grappling with this idea because it is so beyond anything I could ever imagine for myself.) Because Faivre is in the same boat, Shiffrin says things are a bit smoother for them. “I think it’s probably the easiest that it could be because I’m gone so much anyway,” she told Us Weekly. “Like, it doesn’t matter who I’m dating, I’m never gonna really see them. At least with him, we can work out together, we can ski together and kind of find ways to meet up.”

As the 2018 PyeongChang Olympics are ending this Sunday, Feb. 25, hopefully Shiffrin and Faivre can reunite soon.

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