Kevin in This is Us

OK, Let's Talk About The Mystery Woman In Kevin's Bed On 'This Is Us'

by Ani Bundel

All three Pearson siblings are having "A Hell of a Week" on This Is Us. Part One of this trilogy started with Randall and traced his anxiety from the earliest period of his life as a toddler straight through the present day. But while Randall struggled with a lifelong issue he's never properly taken care of, Kevin also was having a time of it, as Randall discovered when he called his brother for help. Fans are asking, is Kevin with Sophie in This Is Us Season 4, Episode 11? Warning: Spoilers for This Is Us Season 4 follow.

At the end of the mid-season premiere, Kevin had just had his heart smashed again. He thought he'd found "the one" with Lizzie. But he'd just found someone who had his name on her "Celebrity Hall Pass" card. Blessedly, Lizzie confessed she was married when she realized Kevin was taking their flirtation seriously, but the experience left him dazed.

And then, just as he was in this vulnerable state, Sophie called.

I thought it was to tell Kevin she got engaged, because when you're down, life likes to kick you in the teeth sometimes. But when Randall called Kevin to tell him about the break-in, it turned out Kevin was back on the East Coast not to watch his ex-wife get married, but for a funeral. Sophie's mother had passed away.


On the one hand, Sophie losing her mother is a huge blow, and Kevin coming back for such a sad affair is not really the time for romance. But funerals are a time when people feel their mortality. The loss of a parent will almost certainly trigger Sophie to take a look at her own life and take stock of her choices. Also, consider that Sophie was there for Kevin when he lost his father, which led to them getting married the first time. Now he's there for when she loses her mother. The parallel is impossible to ignore.

And when Randall calls Kevin back at the end of the episode, there's someone in bed with him. The camera doesn't show who she is, only a tousled head of blonde hair, asleep. Could Sophie and Kevin have fallen back in bed together, again?

Alternately, Sophie may have decided that this was proof she and Kevin could not get back together. If so, this could be someone else from Kevin's past, like his high school classmate Charlotte, who he pursued in the last Big Three Trilogy in Season 2, in the episode "Number One."

Either way, it looks like Kevin's having "A Hell of a Week" himself.