Lyrics About Kylie Jenner On Justin Bieber & Travis Scott's "Second Emotion"

These Lyrics On Justin & Travis' New Love Song May Be About Kylie

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Justin Bieber's highly-anticipated fifth studio album Changes is here and it's chock full of collaborations, including artists Post Malone, Kehlani, and Travis Scott. Considering Scott loves to reference his ex Kylie Jenner in his music, I didn't think his new single with JB would be any different, and I believe I was correct. The possible lyrics about Kylie Jenner on Justin Bieber and Travis Scott's "Second Emotion" aren't so subtle.

Bieber previously admitted in the fourth episode of his docu-series Seasons, his entire album is about his wife Hailey Baldwin, sweetly explaining he still gets "nervous with her in the room for some reason." He went on to explain that Baldwin inspired Changes, saying: "[My album is] about her, too. So, I'm singing about her — it's a weird thing. But it's awesome."

While all of the songs on Changes are a love letter to Baldwin, Scott also seemingly sang about Jenner, and it wouldn't be the first time Scott rapped about Jenner on one of his songs. He seemed to allude to Jenner and their break-up on his track "Gatti" in December 2019.

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Now, Scott and Bieber cooked up a catchy track about love, and the rapper appeared to use his personal life as inspiration for some of the lyrics.

For instance, in the song, Scott raps: "Oh, you sent the jet out for me? / You tryna ball harder than me?"

Since Jenner is an avid private jet user (she once flew to Houston to see Scott just to make up after small fight, to give you an idea of just how avid), it seems Scott referenced her ritzy lifestyle on the track. Listen to the song below and decide for yourself.

Unless Scott speaks out about the lyrics, fans will never know for sure if his words were intentionally about Jenner, but it's fun to speculate.

Regardless of the inspiration behind the tune, Jenner is in full support of Bieber's new album. She shared her excitement in an Instagram Story shortly before Changes was released on Friday, Feb. 14, writing, "I can't ait. This album is amazing."

Call Jenner what you want, except unsupportive.