'Jessica Jones' Season 2 Raises Some Big Questions About Her Family & We Want Answers

by Dylan Kickham

Well, this is the most unexpected family reunion ever. The new season of Jessica Jones surprisingly became all about bringing the Jones family together, although not necessarily in any sweet or happy ways. With all of the big familial twists and turns this season, many fans are wondering if Jessica Jones' brother is really dead. After all, stranger things have happened in this series. So what is the truth? Let's try to break it down.

Spoiler alert: This post will go over plot points from throughout the entire second season of Jessica Jones, so don't read on until you've watched it. As fans know all too well from Season 1, Jessica Jones was the sole survivor of her family's fatal car crash when she was a teenager... or at least, that's what she believed to be true. Actually, halfway through the newly released Season 2, Jessica discovers that her mom Alisa Jones also survived, even if she looks completely different and has superpowers and is kinda prone to murdering people now. Just some minor changes, no big deal!

Although Alisa was burned beyond all recognition — she literally has no skin left on her body after the crash — somehow, Dr. Karl and his shadowy genetic rehabilitation organization IGH is able to bring her back to life. Oh, and IGH is also responsible for Jessica's life being saved after that car crash... and more than that, the scientific experiments done on her there were also what created her superpowers. And just like Jessica, Alisa also developed super strength as a result of her rehabilitation in IGH, but her powers came with a dangerous catch. When she gets angry, Alisa would enter a dissociative state and user her powers to destroy everything around her. Because she was so destructive and uncontrollable, Dr. Karl convinced Alisa to remain hidden from Jessica for all these years, for fear that she might unwittingly hurt or even kill her own daughter.

But after Alisa begins sneaking out of IGH to kill anyone who threatens to blow the whistle on what the organization can really to (out of fear that she would be turned into some government lab rat), Jessica tracks her down, and the bombshell reveal goes down. At first, Jessica isn't having it, and calls the police on her mother, but after talking a little more, she agrees to tentatively help her mom hide out. Throughout the rest of the season, the two actually surprisingly rekindle a warm mother-daughter bond on occasion, although those moments tend to come and go alongside Jessica realizing that she has to find a way to turn her mom in. In the end, Jessica and Alisa share their favorite mother-daughter moment from Jessica's childhood: riding on a Ferris wheel together. But it comes to an abrupt end when Trish shows up and shoots and kills Alisa.

Obviously, there were a lot of questions about Jessica's mom, but one of the major things that her return opens up is that it is actually totally possible for the other members of her family to be alive as well. If her mom remained hidden for all the years, then couldn't her dad and brother have done the same? IGH clearly has amazing means of saving the dead, and their scientists were at the Jones family crash site to save at least two of the family members.

If Jessica's brother Phillip Jones is still alive and hidden somewhere in IGH, it would definitely make for a wild storyline for next season, especially if he has superpowers as well. Now that really anything is possible within this world, don't count Phillip out just yet.