Jannah and Finn in Rise of Skywalker

'Star Wars' Fans Are Asking This Question About Jannah In 'The Rise Of Skywalker'

by Ani Bundel

Fans have a real desire for character continuity when it comes to sequels. A story that moves to the next generation should have characters that trace their lineage to the stars of the last story. That's why fans were so upset at the idea Rey was no one from nowhere. What is the point, if she's not a Skywalker or a Solo? This extends to other characters, too. Finn was initially suspected to be Lando's son. Now fans are asking, is Jannah Lando's daughter? The latter seems much more likely to turn out to be true.

Warning: Spoilers for Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker follow.

One reason the Finn connection seemed unlikely was due to costume. These sequels and prequels like to channel character connections via visual cues like clothing. Finn wore all black with a leather jacket. That's not Lando's flamboyant style. Jannah, on the other hand, has never met the man and yet sports a yellow cloak that a young Lando would proudly keep in his closet.

It's a yellow that's quite close to the outfit Lando just so happens to be wearing when Rey first finds him at the beginning of The Rise of Skywalker. It's almost like the costume designer wants viewers to connect these characters before they find themselves sitting down to talk.


Lando and Jannah finally meet at the end of the film. Jannah has already told Finn she was captured by the Empire as a baby. She was forced to train as a stormtrooper under the name TZ-1719. The two have a significant connection over that, as Finn was once FN-2187. Neither of them ever knew their parents, nor where they came from.

Lando is fascinated when he learns Jannah does not know her origins and seems invested in helping her find out. It turns out that's because there's a connection fans aren't aware of.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the Rise of Skywalker Visual Dictionary companion book has a critical detail that might explain the "old smoothie" isn't still trying to mac on women after all these years.

When peace reigned, [Lando] attempted to start a family, but tragedy struck and his infant daughter vanished. It was only later that it became clear who the culprits behind the abduction were: the First Order, building their fighting forces but also specifically striking out at the old Alliance leadership.

The companion book also has a line in it that seems to have initially been in the film, but cut for time:

The First Order went after us — leaders from the old wars. They took our kids.

It didn't make it into the movie, but Jennifer Heddle from Disney Publishing’s Star Wars division promises the Rise of Skywalker novel will confirm this story.

Fans will have to keep an eye out for when Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker novel hits shelves in March of 2020. And maybe Disney+ will consider a Lando spinoff?