Here's What We Know About Sister Squad Star Grayson Dolan's Mysterious Love Life

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

The Dolan twins, Grayson and Ethan, are the internet's current obsession. They got their start on Vine and are now ~influencers~, and of course, questions about these two boys' relationship statuses are always being asked by their fans. So is Grayson Dolan single? The twins are known among their fans for keeping their relationship statuses very private, but fans of the pair spend a lot of time speculating about their love lives. Hey, what's a fandom to do?

Grayson and Ethan Dolan have close to 10 million subscribers on their joint YouTube channel established in 2014. They first got famous on Vine (RIP), then their YouTube channel became their go-to medium. Some of their most popular videos are the ones they create with fellow YouTube stars Emma Chamberlain and James Charles. Together, they're called the Sister Squad. Because they spend so much time together and document that time for their respective channels (they have group sleepovers, do group Christmas gifts, and other YouTube challenges together), fans like to speculate that the four are coupled up.

Fans are pretty convinced Ethan and Emma are together and that Grayson and James are together. None of the four have explicitly confirmed or denied any of the fan speculation, and Grayson has never publicly spoken about his sexuality. So these theories are all based on the chemistry the four friends share in videos. While it's easy to theorize based on their videos, the closeness could just be that of really good friends.

So for now, let's assume Grayson is single, given that he hasn't indicated otherwise himself. And it's not cool to speculate on a person's sexuality, so he can talk about that on a public level if/when he decides he wants to.

In an October 2017 interview with TRL, however, he did say he would be willing to date a fan. (Ethan did too.)

When asked that little bombshell of a question, Grayson responded, "That's a good question. I mean, I don't think you can control who you fall in love with, so it's a possibility."

Ethan chimed in with his own take, saying, "I would. I would want my girlfriend to be a fan of me 'cause I would be a fan of whatever she was doing." Interesting.

Although he said he would date a fan, fans of the group still ship Grayson and James together all the time.

They literally make compilation videos that show interactions between the two that fans are soooooo convinced are them secretly flirting.

Grayson and James certainly do have epic chemistry, but this simply isn't enough to say with any certainty that Grayson and James are dating. Their social media posts don't indicate anything other than them being close friends and James has actually tweeted asking fans to stop speculating about influencers' love lives.

In the end, while these two would be hella cute together, they clearly want to keep their respective love lives private and don't appreciate all the speculation. Let's just let them be the Sister Squad, fam!