Chad Michael Murray as Edgar Evernever on 'Riverdale'

'Riverdale' Fans Have 1 Big Question About Edgar Evernever After *That* Scene


Riverdale fans are still reeling from what was definitely one of the show's zaniest episodes ever... and that's really saying something, considering past episodes have included hallucinogenic bear attacks and organ-harvesting cults. So, of course, after a wild ride like that, fans are left with a ton of questions, most of which are about Edgar Evernever. Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers from Riverdale Season 4, Episode 3, "Dog Day Afternoon." The enigmatic cult leader was shot after he revealed a truly WTF grand plan, and everyone is wondering: Is Edgar Evernever dead on Riverdale like he appears to be? After all, you can never be too sure of who is dead or alive when it comes to Riverdale.

After he loomed large over all of Season 3 as an ominous threat, Edgar Evernever's story seemed to reach its end at the beginning of Season 4. The Farm's leader returned in the Oct. 23 episode after having fled town with his followers once Betty discovered his cult was actually a hypnotic organ-harvesting operation. With help from her FBI agent half-brother Charles Smith, Betty tracked Edgar down to a motel outside of town. Unfortunately, Edgar captured Betty and revealed his master plan was to kill all of his followers in a bus crash while he flew away on a rocket. Yes... you read that right: Edgar got himself a getaway rocket.

But before Edgar could blast off in his Evel Knievel-inspired jumpsuit, Alice Cooper shot him right in front of his rocket. It definitely seemed like Edgar died, but then again, Riverdale never showed his body or confirmed that Alice had killed him, so there may still be the possibility he survived the shot and will come back later on.

While Edgar's survival is still a possibility, it sounds like he is likely gone for good. A few months ago, showrunner Robert Aguirre-Sacasa teased that Season 4 Episode 3 would conclude The Farm storyline, and after the episode aired, Chad Michael Murray posted a tribute to his character on Instagram.

"It’s been an honor playing with this whole cast & crew. Truly the best group of ppl I’ve been blessed to work with," Murray wrote under some shots of Edgar's final moments. Those words certainly sound like someone who is saying goodbye the show.

While Edgar Evernever's reign of terror looks to be over, his impact will undoubtedly still leave a huge mark on the rest of Season 4. Now that Alice is free from The Farm, Betty can confront her about her undercover work with the FBI and the fact that she has apparently secretly known about Charles all this time. Betty's also probably going to be dealing with all of the former Farmies who will have to be deprogrammed of Edgar's mind control, like the still-brainwashed Fangs. Plus, the now-free Polly may confront Cheryl over the custody of her twins. And what will happen to Weatherbee now that Principal Honey has stepped into his former position at Riverdale High?

Edgar may be gone, but he left a huge mess behind him along with that rocket. Fans will have to tune into Riverdale Season 4 on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW to find out what a post-Farm Riverdale will look like.