Double Texting Is A Sign Of Strength, Not Weakness, & Here's Why

People's brains work differently, and they use different speech patterns to express themselves, so it would follow that they'll text differently, too. If you're wondering, "Is double texting OK?" ask yourself whether or not you think it's OK to have more than one thing to tell somebody at any given time. Of course it is. When you are double texting someone, it's a sign of strength because it means you are saying exactly what you need to say how you need to say it.

I admit, it can be overwhelming to look at a phone screen and see a blast of text messages from the same person. I only engage in that amount of messaging if I am in the middle of a personal crisis, if I am texting my best friends (best friends get a pass for all text etiquette, obviously), or someone I am in a long-term relationship with. The only reason I might encourage you to refrain from double texting a new crush is that you want to make sure that you're not saying so much that there's no reason for them to meet up with you again. Otherwise, double texting shouldn't be a big deal, as you ought to feel free to express yourself with the person you are crushing on.

But if you feel anxious about double texting, here are some reminders as to why you shouldn't sweat the small stuff with your newfound flirtation.

1. Double Texting Breaks Up Your Thoughts

I love receiving long text messages from folks, but sometimes, a paragraph-long text message can lead to some missed information. Double-texting breaks up those overwhelmingly long paragraphs to make sure that you are being clearly heard, and that nothing important is getting buried in a long text.

When I wind up sending a double text, it's usually because I have two different topics that needed to be addressed by people. The first might be a response to something that someone already said, and the second might be a follow up question. Honestly, considering the format of cell phone messaging, it seems pretty intuitive to double text.

2. Double Texting Shows You DGAF

Seriously, when did everyone get so caught up in the minutiae of dating? When did we start fearing that sending two texts in a row was such an unforgivable social faux pas that nobody would ever want to talk to us again? When did we get so absorbed with thinking about what the other person thought of us that we forgot to pay attention to what we thought of them?

When you double text, it basically shows that all of the insecurities and fears that millennials have cultivated around dating don't apply to you. You legitimately don't really care whether or not someone is or isn't down with the way you text, because you know you have a lot more to offer someone than what comes up on their phone screen. And you don't need their approval to make that real to you.

3. Double Texting Is Just Being Yourself

You know who doesn't worry about double texting? People who have self-confidence. It might not happen until you get a little bit older, but one day, you'll be able to get some, too. And when that happens, you won't even notice whether or not you double texted someone, because it won't even occur to you that that might be a problem.

We've always been told that the key to every success is just being yourself. That goes for dating, as well as for a job interview. Just be yourself, and the right person or opportunity will come along. And if being yourself means sending two texts when someone else would have only sent one, then you shouldn't hold yourself back from meeting your true destiny. Your crush might judge you, but who really cares? The only relationship you need to be worried about at this moment is the one you have with yourself.

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