Justin Bieber's New Song Lyrics Hint He's Totally Over Selena Gomez

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Just days before Chris Brown drops his new album INDIGO on June 28, the singer surprised fans by releasing his collaboration with Justin Bieber, titled "Don't Check On Me," featuring Ink, on June 25. The song is a slow ballad carried by the sound of an acoustic guitar. JB fans would find the sound similar to the singer's 2015 single "Love Yourself." Coincidentally, both songs are about an ex. But instead of being fresh out of a relationship like in "Love Yourself," "Don't Check On Me" is about someone who's totally over an ex and wants to let them know. Since Justin Bieber is now married to Hailey Baldwin, fans believe that the song could be about Selena Gomez. So, is "Don't Check On Me" about Selena Gomez? It definitely could be and I'll tell you why.

Bieber married Baldwin in September 2018 and has been frequently posting about his wife on Instagram. On April 8, for example, the star posted a black-and-white photo of Baldwin and captioned it with a heartfelt poem about her in which he expressed how grateful he was for having such a loving and supportive wife.

The post came just a week after trolls claimed that Bieber only married Baldwin to get back at Selena Gomez. Bieber fired back and called the claim "absurd."

He said:

I absolutely loved and love Selena she will always hold a place in my heart, but I am head over heels in love with my wife and she is absolutely the BEST THING that has ever happened to me period.

Obviously, Bieber wanted everyone to know that they should stop talking about him and Selena Gomez because he's now happily married to Hailey Baldwin.

So, what better way to express these emotions than through a song? "Don't Check On Me" is clearly about a breakup, and judging by the lyrics, it seems that it's about one that happened a long time ago.

Just look at Bieber's verse:

Might run across your mind but don't worry 'bout me, no / My heart is back in one piece, it ain't skipped a beat, no / Feeling rested up, I ain't missing sleep, no-oh / Don't take it personal if I can't reply now / I'm distant 'cause I don't wanna be reached now / Won't let the ghosts of our past weigh my future down / I'm liberated / Energy's like a circle, it comes back around / Reciprocated / Don't shed no more tears / Won't gain no empathy from me / In the upcoming years / Oh, I don't need your pity

There are a lot of lines in there that could be about Selena Gomez. Like, "My heart is back in one piece," which could be about how Bieber has found love again. Another telling lyric could be "Won't let the ghosts of our past weigh my future down," since Bieber and Gomez's on-and-off relationship was so public and ended kind of rough.

Here's the chorus:

Oh, don't go reaching out' / Cause you can't have everything / Your head and your heart won't feel the same / Even if it feels like it every time / Don't check on me if we're not together / And it's probably for a reason / Every heartbreak has its season / It ain't always summer in June

These lyrics seem to tell an ex to leave them alone because they've moved on and that everything happens for a reason. And, if this song is about his breakup with Selena Gomez, that reason is Hailey Baldwin!

All of the lyrics in "Don't Check On Me" are pretty juicy, but the most revealing of them all is this one line sung by Chris Brown:

I know it hurts you so bad just to see me happy / That I finally moved on, and you thought it wouldn't happen

Sure, it's technically sung by Brown, but if the lyric doesn't scream, "I'm happily married" then I don't know what does.

Now hear the lyrics in action by listening to "Don't Check On Me" below.

So, is "Don't Check On Me" about Selena Gomez? I certainly think so. I mean, who else could Justin Bieber be talking about?