This 'Westworld' Theory About Clementine May Make Fans Breath A Sigh Of Relief

by Ani Bundel

One of the most important moments in Westworld Season 2 came at the beginning of Episode 5, when Bernard is down in the lab watching Strand and his IT guy go over the bodies they discovered in the Valley Below after the Door closed. The IT guy states a third of the bodies floating in the water are "virgin... as if they never held data." Those are the ones who crossed through the Door. But what about the other 2/3rds? What about those like Clementine, who were killed on this side? Is Clementine really dead? Warning: Spoilers for Westworld Season 2 finale follow.

While most of the Ghost Nation, if not all of it, made it through the Door, along with Maeve's daughter and Teddy (through Dolores' inserting him via brain marble), what happens now to all those who did not "crossover," as it were? Five of them have been printed and are riding to the mainland with Charlotte-as-Dolores. But what about everyone else?

Though Charlotte shot Strand and his IT guy at the end of the finale, Peter Abernathy's system has backups of everyone. The 2/3rds who didn't cross over can be restored from the data if the park so chooses. That means Maeve, despite her ultimate sacrifice, will be back. Since it's Felix and Sylvester in charge of her body, she'll most likely be restored to her full control host glory.


But Maeve isn't the only "control host" in Westworld. Armistice may have taken her down, but Clementine was a poisoned pill sent into the horde of hosts to stop them all from crossing over. She definitely didn't make it to the other side.

This is the second time Clementine's been wiped and reprogrammed to do terrible things by those in the Mesa labs to demonstrate their power. In Season 1 it was her they used as "proof" Ford's reveries were dangerous, accidentally destroying her in the process, and leaving her the shell of a character fans meet in Season 2.

This season, they turned her into a unit they could use to control the now-free hosts. There's extremely valuable data inside her head. Considering Maeve, the only other host who has it, will most likely be resurrected by her devoted followers to be uncontrollable, Clementine is now the only tool Team Human has to use if the hosts go off the deep end.

This is good news for Clementine (and actress Angela Sarafyan). There's almost no way she won't be back for Season 3. Her character is too useful a chess piece for anyone to allow to fall off the board. She's a weapon worth fighting over.

Going with the assumption Maeve will be resurrected fully and put her band back together, this means the park will most likely use Clementine as a weapon against them. But Maeve loves Clementine. It might not be quite the mother-daughter relationship Akune has with Sakura in Shogun World, but the seeds of it are there.

With Maeve no longer distracted by her homestead daughter, her natural new maternal target would be Clementine Pennyfeather. Rescuing her from the humans who continue to do horrific things to her would make for a natural progression of the story.

How this fits in with Bernard and Dolores remains to be seen, but Maeve and company have always been on their own path through the park. Perhaps with Dolores on the mainland, and Bernard in a simulation, the reason to keep a plot line grounded in the Delos set of theme parks would be to center it around Maeve, and her search to rescue Clementine.

It's a long wait until Westworld Season 3 to find out.