Fans Think Ariana Grande Might Be Back With One "Thank U, Next" Ex For This Reason

by Candice Jalili
Mike Coppola/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you haven't yet had the absolute pleasure of watching the "thank u, next" music video, I highly recommend stopping whatever it is that you're currently doing to give it a listen. In the video, Ariana Grande provides us with a comprehensive guide to all of her past relationships by flipping through a burn book of all of her exes. And now, after a notable Instagram comment, fans are thinking she might be back together with one of the exes burned in the book. But is Ariana Grande back with Ricky Alvarez or is it just a rumor?

See, Alvarez posted a pretty hot picture of himself wearing a yellow sweater in Brooklyn on Instagram yesterday. Grande decided to comment on the picture by saying, "these colors are sick." And, to be fair, the colors in the picture are pretty sick. He's got his yellow sweater on, there's a red car behind him, and even a light pink building in the back. The image is aesthetically pleasing, to say the least.

But fans are taking her comment as a sign that the two may be back together.

Now, even if you didn't realize Grande and Alvarez had a history before, one listen to "thank u, next" will tell you everything you need to know. The lyrics, "Wrote some songs about Ricky/Now I listen and laugh," come right after her mention of Big Sean ("Thought I'd end up with Sean/But he wasn't a match") and right before her mention of Pete Davidson ("Even almost got married/And for Pete, I'm so thankful").

In the music video, Alvarez's page in the burn book says he's a "great dancer" and that they had "good times man."


Most importantly, Grande mentions on the page that she and Ricky will be "friends forever."

And that's the story she's sticking to, even as fans speculate a potential relationship because of her Instagram comment. You see, after Grande posted that comment on Alvarez's Instagram about the colors, fans took it as a sign that the two could possibly be back together. "We're so ready for Rickianaaaa," wrote one fan. "Ariana is DEFINITELY ready for it," wrote another. "WHATS ABOUT YOU AND ARIANA???? WE ALL WANT TO KNOW," demanded another. Finally, in response to the latter, Grande decided to chime in and put the rumors to rest. "We're friends everyone take a big ol breather," she wrote.

So... I guess that's that. I mean, to be fair, Grande made it pretty dang clear in the "thank u, next" lyrics that she's currently focusing on herself and is trying to move on from all of her exes.

In fact, if she were to wind up getting back together with any of them, my money would be on Big Sean. Why, you ask? Well, because, in addition to saying he was "so cute" and "so sweet" on his burn book page, she also blatantly wrote that he "could still get it."


I mean, if we're going to focus our attention anywhere, I would think we should start there, right?

That being said, she also sings that he "wasn't a match." So maybe we should just take Grande's word for it when she says she's focusing on herself and let her live her life.