A White Wine Emoji Might Be Coming To Add A Touch Of Summer To Your Group Chat

Kendall-Jackson Winery

It's mid-July, which means it's officially white wine season. If you're not sipping on rosé, you're probably enjoying other light, crisp selections. And regardless of which white wine you're drinking, you're probably showing it off on social media. Maybe you're taking a pic for Instagram, or maybe you're bragging about it on Twitter. Either way, you've probably wondered if a white wine emoji is coming. I mean, let's face it: There'd be no better way to express yourself while drinking white wine than with a white wine glass, so what gives? Luckily, one winery is on a mission to make the much-needed emoji become a reality.

That's right: Kendall-Jackson Winery started a campaign to bring white wine emojis to keyboards everywhere, and I'm impressed. In order to do so, the company submitted a 15-page proposal to the Unicode Consortium, which provides vital information about why a white wine emoji is necessary. The first point that the proposal makes gets straight to the point. It says,

The existing wine glass emoji, depicted as a glass of red wine, does not properly represent one of the most popular and widely consumed adult beverages  — white wine.


The proposal goes on and talks about a brief history of white wine. It also gives statistics about the beverage, and provides example photos of what the white wine emoji could look like. TBH, it's super persuasive. If I worked at Unicode, I'd pass this emoji in a heartbeat.

Side note: Since there are already two beer emojis, why aren't there two wine emojis? I can't believe no one has ever thought of this before, but I digress.

Additional information about white wine provided by the company via email (and within the proposal) will convince you that a new emoji is needed. For starters, 31.4 billion bottles of wine were bought and sold around the world in 2017. Believe it or not, a majority of those bottles were reportedly white. And get this: There are 12 languages that cover more than two-thirds of the world's population, and apparently, they all specify "white wine." In other words, a white wine emoji is much needed for drinkers around the globe.

Kendall-Jackson Winery

By now, you probably don't need much more convincing. If you're ready to hop on board with the white wine emoji, go ahead and join the #WhiteWineEmoji campaign. In an effort to persuade the Unicode Technical Committee even more, the winery created a wanted poster for people to share on social media. The banner says "WANTED" next to a photo of the white wine emoji. The specified hashtag is shown underneath, along with the website that was made alongside the proposal.

Kendall-Jackson Winery

Yup, the winery even made a website to coincide with the request for a white wine emoji, and it's perfect. There isn't much information on the site about the wanted emoji yet, but it states the winery's mission: "What's missing isn't the world's passion for white wine. It's simply the world's symbol for white wine."

The site continues, and says, "Kendall-Jackson Winery, together with the global wine community, invite you to join us as we rally support for the world's first white wine emoji. This won't change the world, but it will free you from using the Red Wine Emoji when what you really want is your favorite glass of Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, or Pinot Grigio."

Apparently, more information about the white wine emoji will be provided on Aug. 2. In the meantime, share the wanted poster on social media, and cross your fingers that Unicode hears you.