You Can Now Share Countdown Stickers On Instagram To Get Excited For Whatever’s To Come

I don't know about you, but at this point, I kind of feel like Instagram introduces a new feature almost everyday. Between new, original stickers, algorithm updates, alternative ways for you to find interesting content, and different methods of polling your pals, it seems like the app is constantly creating cutting edge ways to connect with each and every one of your followers. Recently, though, I've become totally and utterly obsessed with Instagram's new Countdown sticker, and I know for a fact it'll get you and your friends excited for everything that's coming up. I know I'm pumped.

On Wednesday, Dec. 18, IG announced a fun, new way to interact with your followers, while connecting over the anticipation of an upcoming event. With the Countdown Sticker for Instagram Stories, according to Instagram's blog post, you'll be able to post a count down for any upcoming event to your Story. Whether you're stoked for New Year's Eve 2018, or if you're simply gearing up for the end of the week, it's almost always totally applicable. Adding a Countdown to your Instagram Story is incredibly easy, and if you haven't already figured it out, I've mapped out the instructions below. Get ready for this to completely change your Story game.

Creating a Countdown on your Instagram Story is so easy. According to the site's blog post introducing the feature, you can simply snap a photo or record a video for your Story, and then navigate to the sticker tray (the smiley square in the top right corner). Select the Countdown sticker and name your countdown, based on whatever you're waiting for. Make sure to add an end date or time, and if you want, you can even customize the color of the Countdown. Once you’ve created a countdown, you will be able to select it from your sticker tray to reuse in your Stories until the countdown officially ends.


In terms of interacting with your followers, your friends will be able to tap on your Countdown to follow it, or they can even share it to their own Story. That's right — then, anyone who follows or shares your countdown will be notified when the countdown ends. You'll be able to find the Countdown Sticker on iOS and Android devices, and if you have any questions, make sure to refer to the Instagram Help Center here.

Between Christmas, New Year's Eve 2018, and the 2020 election (LOL) there's a lot to be excited for right now. However, I'm personally counting down the days until Game Of Thrones' Season 8 finally airs. It's been far too long since Season 7 ended, and at this point, I don't even know when the new season is supposed to start. But when the date is officially announced, you know I'll be counting it down on my Story. When it does, make sure to follow my Countdown.

Maybe you're counting down the days until the holidays, or you might be anticipating an upcoming concert. Perhaps, you're simply waiting until the first day of summer. Regardless of what you're getting excited for, though, IG's Countdown Sticker is making it significantly easier to bond over your anticipation with your pals. So cue "The Final Countdown" and get pumped, y'all.