IHOP Just Introduced Mexican Churro Pancakes, So You Can Order Dessert For Breakfast

Courtesy Of IHOP

Like most millennials my age, I can safely say I miss being a kid more than absolutely anything. Aside from not having to pay bills, go to work, or worry about impending wrinkles (ugh), I mostly miss having summer vacation to do whatever I wanted. Having a full two-and-a-half months off during the greatest season of the year would seriously be ideal, but if you're looking to feel just like you're on vacation, make sure to check out IHOP's new International Pancakes — they feature unique travel-inspired flavors, like cannolis and churros.

IHOP's International Pancake flavors are inspired by various international destinations. The Italian Cannoli flavor is reminiscent of a trip to Italy, inspired by the bright blue coastline, historical landmarks in Rome, and boat rides through the canals of Venice. The Mexican Churro, on the other hand, is inspired by the ruins of Tulum, the colorful streets of Mexico City, and the gorgeous beaches in Cancun. Seriously, each dish is quite a journey.

The Italian Cannoli was created to taste just like a fresh-made cannoli. According to the brand, it consists of three buttermilk pancakes, which are rolled up into cannoli-like shapes and filled with sweet Ricotta cream and chocolate bits. All of that is topped off with crunchy cannoli pieces, chocolate chips, and creamy whipped topping. That is definitely my idea of a sweet, sweet summer trip.


My personal favorite flavor, on the other hand, is the Mexican Churro. According to the brand, it consists of three fluffy buttermilk pancakes, which are layered with warm cinnamon spread, crunchy mini churros, and most importantly, a sweet cream cheese icing. All of that is then topped off with some good old-fashioned whip. If that doesn't taste like the excursiones of my dreams, I don't know what would.


These stacks are truly ideal for a wanderlustin' foodie babe like myself. Both options come with three large pancakes, and will cost you $11.99 altogether. Not too shabby, if you're ready to start the day with sugar and carbs galore (and seriously, who isn't?). The best part is you don't even have to remember your passport to make your way through both dishes — they're journeys unto themselves!

Sadly though, just like summer break, they won't be around forever. According to the brand, the chain's International Pancake flavors will only be around for a limited time, through May 26. So bottom line: you only have a little over a month to get your hands on these before they're gone. If you're smart, though, you'll get there ASAP. Anything could happen, y'all.

Dang, both options look positively unreal... especially those Mexican Churro pancakes. And if you end up finding your churro craving lasting well past breakfast, Cinnabon put Churro Swirls back on their menu as a permanent menu item, and it's honestly clutch. A single order will cost you $2.49, and a second Churro Swirl will add $0.99. They also give you the option of adding on a warm Ghirardelli Chocolate dipping sauce or a Smooth Caramel dipping sauce for an additional $0.50. Wow.

Traveling this summer would be sweet, but these travel-pancakes are honestly sweeter. I mean, really — a trip would be stellar, but going face first into a stack of those Mexican Churro pancakes is just as satisfying.