IHOP Is Selling Cold-Brew Coffee Milkshakes That'll Replace Your Beloved Iced Coffee

Courtesy of IHOP

Whenever I think about IHOP, breakfast usually comes to mind (naturally). I don't think I've ever related the pancake house to ice cream, but that just changed. Why? Because IHOP's new House-Made Milkshake flavors are here, and they're sweet additions to the restaurant's beloved menu. Yes, that means you can order your favorite flapjacks and top 'em off with a creamy milkshake. If you're not convinced yet, wait until you read more details about the restaurant's newest line of frozen drinks.

Let's start with the options. On Monday, April 15, IHOP announced not one — but five — House-Made Milkshake varieties. They aren't your typical milkshake flavors, though. Sure, the lineup includes staples like Strawberry and Vanilla, but it also features selections including Hershey's Chocolate, Oreo Cookie, and Cold-Brew Coffee. That's right, guys: Cold-Brew Coffee milkshakes are happening at IHOP, which means you can ditch your iced brew for a coffee-flavored dessert. I'm so in.

I don't know about you, but I'd probably enjoy the Cold-Brew Coffee flavor the most (coffee-flavored everything is my jam). They all sound straight up delicious, though. If you want to buy one, head to your local IHOP with at least $5. According to the restaurant's website, each House-Made Milkshake costs $4.49.

Courtesy of IHOP

You don't have to rush to your local pancake house, though. According to IHOP, these milkshakes aren't going anywhere (phew). Instead, they're permanent additions to the IHOP menu. With that being said, you can enjoy one during each and every IHOP trip you make (and try all of the flavors until you find your fave).

Speaking of flavors, you're probably wondering how these milkshakes are made. TBH, the process seems sweet and simple. According to IHOP's website, the House-Made Milkshakes are made with "hand-scooped premium ice cream" that's mixed with real milk and natural vanilla. Then, the entire shake is completed with whipped topping.

They're total classics and I'm ready for a sip.

House-Made Milkshakes aren't the only sweet menu items that IHOP introduced in April, though. The company also announced two new limited-edition International Pancake options, including the Italian Cannoli and the Mexican Churro (YUM).

According to IHOP, the Italian Cannoli buttermilk pancakes are literally filled with chocolate pieces and "sweet Ricotta cream." Then, chocolate chips and cannoli pieces are sprinkled atop the pancakes before they're completed with whipped topping. The Mexican Churro buttermilk pancakes, on the other hand, are layered with churro-inspired goodies like "warm cinnamon spread," cream cheese icing, and actual mini churros. My mouth is watering, y'all.

Courtesy of IHOP

Yup, those pancake options sound freaking delicious. However, I'm still craving that Cold-Brew Coffee milkshake. If you are, too, head to your local IHOP and give it a try.

If you end up liking it and want to add more coffee-flavored shakes to your day-to-day, you'll be happy to hear that Potbelly is also offering a new Cold Brew Coffee Shake. Unlike IHOP's shake, Pot Belly's is only available for a limited time at participating locations.

With that being said, go ahead and taste each cold-brew flavored dessert. While you're at it, don't forget to try IHOP's sweet new International Pancakes.