Foam Hair Highlighter Is Here To Cure Your Hair's Case Of Sparkle FOMO


The world may not seem so shiny these days, but I believe in compensating with your contour. Highlighter has taken over the social media world in dramatic fashion, and faces have never been more reflective. It was only a matter of time before IGK FOAMO hair highlighters became a thing. Yes, you read that correctly. Prepare for the Lisa Frank unicorn mane you've always dreamed of, because your hair is about to get lit.

If you've always said you want to bathe yourself in highlighter and actually mean it, now you can drench yourself in glow from head to toe. Becca Cosmetics got us poppin' with some Champagne and Prosecco Pop. Most recently, Rihanna's Fenty Beauty gave our lips glow with Gloss Bomb Lip Luminizer. But now, IGK is changing the game by introducing illuminator for hair. The best part? It's in foam form, and I know how much y'all love a good foam party.

We've been highlighting practically everything else, so why haven't we put illuminator in our hair until now? NikkiTutorials is shook. Amrezy is quaking. Did we even really know how to highlight till this very moment? Can't be sure anymore. Talented and badass IGK cofounder, Leo Izquierdo, posted some quick snaps of the new holographic (aka iridescent-in-makeup-speak) foam to his Instagram story. Luckily, @trendmood1, the gal we can all rely on to get the receipts on beauty rumors, took some screenshots to preserve the mesmerizing hair shots.

The first fews Instagram story snaps included the foamy FOAMO itself, which comes in two different shades: Moonrock and Meteor. Meteor is the pink hue pictured above. Doesn't it just look like ooey, gooey bubblegum realness? Seriously, so gorgeous. But this two-toned hair illuminator doesn't just stay pink. It also shifts to teal depending on the light. Magical AF.

The next few snaps included shots of the other highlighter shade, Meteor, which also shape shifts from blue to purple. As a brunette myself, I normally shy away from colorful hair products. Those of you with brown hair know most rainbow hair tints, mostly chalk and gloss, just turn muddy over our brown hair. But look how beautiful Meteor looks on the model in the upper lefthand corner! I want to slather it all over my hair and my entire existence, immediately.

Hungry to know more about these hair highlighters, I reached out the "I" of IGK, Leo Izquierdo himself. He and his team graciously responded and sent me more images of FOAMO in action.


Just look at all those shimmery, glittery particles. No wonder why the products are named Moonrock and Meteor. They basically put an entire galaxy into your hair. Celestial beauty, indeed.


Just look how silky and shiny model Hayden Graye's hair looks. Plus, I'm not mad at how the highlighter looks on skin. Is it just me, or would it look totally awesome rubbed on the shoulders or tapped onto the cheekbones as well? Her hands are poppin'.

Dark-haired skeptics (like myself) will be pleased to see Meteor actually shows up on brown hair. FOAMO is the product I never knew I needed, but I now cannot live without. When no light hits, the highlighter is almost invisible. But moving under direct light, it shifts from stunning blue to purple. Now you can finally achieve that blue-highlighted-brunette hair that has appeared in comic books for ages.

The prettiest girl in Riverdale, indeed #teamveronica.

If you're worried about applying such a novel product, relax because FOAMO is user-friendly. Treat it like any old hair mousse, then watch the magic happen.

Simply squeeze a small amount into the palm of one hand, and rub your hands together. Then, comb your fingers through your hair, styling as you normally would. Isn't it kind of hypnotic? Thanks to IGK for filling this massive gap in our glow-up routines.

Unfortunately, FOAMO won't be available at Sephora until January, so you can cross it off your holiday wish list — but be prepared to light up the night in the new year.