10 Simple Affirmations You Can Recite To Embrace Single Life This Summer

by Ginny Hogan
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I'm starting this summer off single, and I'd like to insist everyone do the same. (Just kidding, but do feel free to join me.) But seriously, summer is my favorite season, and I could not be more excited about my singledom. You better believe I'll be at the beach because I am absolutely ready to embrace the single life this summer (plus something about the sand just gets me going). My only long-term commitment this summer is to my SPF 75 sunscreen (I burn easy, OK?) and the books I plan to read on my towel.

If embracing the single life seems difficult, you're not alone. Summer is also a big wedding season, so you might feel like you're surrounded by couples. (But I've already told you I'm going to be single for the whole summer, so don't worry. It can be tough to truly embrace single life, especially if you just got out of a relationship or if you really do want to be coupled up. But there are ways make being single this summer a total blast. Summer is a great time to be outdoors and really get to know yourself, and you don't need a partner to have a great time.

Read on to find 10 simple affirmations to help you fully get into your single groove this summer.

It's About Me

This summer is your summer! Well, every summer is your summer, and my summer, and — OK, let's not worry about logistics. This summer is your time to shine, and you can have a blast as a single person. Make this summer a summer to remember!

My Goal Is To Have Fun

Fun, fun, fun — it's not just a Beach Boys song, it's a way of life, and there's a reason it's by a band known for their summer hits. Summer is the perfect time to have a blast. Single or not, beaches, sunshine, and parties await! Or cozy time reading in your room — whatever your definition of fun is!

I Get To Meet So Many People

Having a partner doesn't prevent you from meeting people, but not having one gives you a great opportunity to branch out more than you normally would. Take the change of temperature as a chance to meet people you normally wouldn't, and have fun!

Sun Sun Sun

If you don't like the sun, of course, please vacation in whatever way is most exciting for you! But if you do like the sun, it's summer, and it's here, and you don't need a partner to enjoy it. Embrace that single life out in the sunshine, and don't forget a hat!

I Can Date In The Future

You don't have to worry about finding a partner right this second. You can take this opportunity to enjoy life as a single person, and know that there are always more chances to date in the future.

This Is Precious Friend-Time

Do you and your friends love to hit the pool in the summer? I have friends who live far away from me and summer is one of the only chances I get to see them, so I love the opportunity to catch up in the sun. If you're single, plan a weekend getaway with your closest pals — it's something you'll remember forever.

Being Single Frees Up Time

Summer is exactly when you'd want that free time. Whether you have vacation days or not, you can make the most of your free time just by spending more time outside during the warm, long days. Bottoms up!

No One Else Can Tell Me When To Date

Just because your friends might be in relationships or looking for relationships doesn't mean you have to. If you want to date, you absolutely can, but if you want this summer to be one in which you embrace your singledom, then do that! It's all about you.

I Deserve Rest & Relaxation

You work hard all the time, and summer is a chance to take a break (although you deserve breaks all-year round — I take them hourly). Don't stress about being single, but instead, embrace it, and choose to relax and restore yourself this summer!

Adventure Awaits

As the days get warmer, my sense of adventure always blossoms. If you're the same way, and you're single heading into those summer months, know that there's a fun, exciting adventure just beyond your doors. (Or within them — you can have an adventurous staycation, too.)

If you're ready to embrace the single life, then this summer is a perfect time to start. With warm weather and more sunlight comes more time to adventure, and as a single person, you get to do that in whatever way you please. So if you love the beach, roll up those towels, or if you want to travel to a new place, test those waters. You get to live your best single life this summer, so get ready to have a blast!

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