It's Not Weird To Bring A Small Gift On A First Date & Here Are 5 Clever Ideas

If you're going on a first date, there probably are a lot of nerves you're wrestling with beforehand. You might wonder what to say, how to behave, how much of yourself to actually reveal, and what impressive traits to play up. If you met on a dating app, you might also be anxious to see if their real-life self lives up to their photos. To ease up on some of your nerves or adding a sweet touch that sets you apart, you may consider bringing your date a small gift. If you're considering what to bring on a first date, don't freak out about coming up with some over-the-top gesture that's expensive or time-consuming.

This first date gift can be simple, small, and easy for you to access. You want something that shows you're paying attention to who they are and your digital interactions prior to the date — or in-person ones, if you two knew each other first. You don't want to give that person anything that will make them feel like they owe you or guilted for not getting you something as well. It should be a small token to show you're thinking of them, and that will mean the most. After all, who doesn't love getting gifts?

A single flower

Maybe reserve a bouquet for an anniversary later on if you two continue dating, but consider bringing a flower as a simple sign to show you thought about them. It smells good, is classically romantic, and will look nice in their apartment or home.

A snack they enjoy

If it's someone you met on a dating app, maybe they mention in their bio that they're big on Hershey Kisses or Twizzlers. It's a sweet gesture to bring a small bag of that snack to indicate that you pay attention. Plus, you can make some playful joke about the snack, and maybe share it throughout your date.

Sports memorabilia for their favorite team

Did their New York Mets profile picture catch your eye right off the bat? Was it the reason you swiped right, so you could let them know you're rooting for the same team? Or you rep some other team, and wanted to start off with some playful banter about who's going to lose this playoffs? Show that you're supportive of their team, even if you're a Yankees stan until the end of time, by giving them a cute keychain with their team's logo on it.

A bookmark from a local bookshop

If you two have bonded over your love of reading, consider bringing along a bookmark on your first date. While some people may already have a tried-and-true page-keeping favorite, other book lovers may have to resort to using general household items as a bookmark since they usually lose 'em. Take a guess and give them the gift of holding their page in their book. There are usually cute ones at local bookshops with fun designs.

A handwritten note

If you two are more into writing, show off your skill of the written word by giving them a short and sweet handwritten letter. If you're extra fancy, write it in cursive. It seems more romantic. For extra bonus points, seal it in an envelope with a lipstick-printed kiss.

After you give your date their gift, they will probably be so touched that you thought of them, genuinely thanking you, that your nerves may just melt away.

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