9 Texts To Send Friends When You're Going Through A Breakup & Need Space

by Ginny Hogan

Breakups can be tough for a million reasons. Even if you made the choice to end your relationship, you might still be missing your ex a ton. Additionally, you may want all your friends around to help you get through it or prefer to do it alone. If you do like to handle breakups on your own (or you want to just this time), you might want to shoot your friends a text to let them know. The good news is — if you're going through a breakup and need space, I have some sample texts you can send your friends to let them know what's up.

If you need space right now, you never owe anyone an explanation, because everyone processes breakups differently. Sometimes, my preferred method is Halo Top and This Is Us (I mean, if I'm going to be crying anyway, why not also be entertained?), and other times, as much as I love my friends, I just need my own space to regroup. Often, right at the beginning of a breakup, I'm not yet ready to talk about it. So as sweet as my friends are, speaking to them can give me anxiety. However, I love knowing that they're there for me when I am ready to talk, so I always try to show them my appreciation, even when I need to be by myself.

Read on to find nine texts to send a friend when you're going through a breakup and need space.

The Quick Explainer Text
Hey, we broke up, I need a few days but talk soon xox

This text can help keep your friends in the loop and lets them know you're processing it and will be back in touch soon. They will probably know you will reach out if you need anything, and they'll also know not to bother you with smaller issues in the meantime.

The "In A Few Days" Text
Hey, we broke up. I'm going to process this on my couch with The Bold Type for a bit, but in a few days would you be down to talk about it?

This can be good for giving your friends a sense of your schedule. If the breakup happens on a Wednesday, for example, they know to clear their weekend, in case that's when you feel ready to talk.

The Gratitude Text
Hey, we broke up. I'm going to take a few days alone, but I really appreciate that you always support me, and I know you have my back. I'm going to reach out when I'm ready to talk.

Your friends are here for you, and they probably like to feel appreciated. Send a text like this to show your appreciation as well as let them know you need space. You don't want them to think you want to be alone because they're not comforting enough, and this text gets that message across.

The Sob Text
Jovo Jovanovic/Stocksy
Hey, I'm so sad about the breakup. I'm crying too hard to talk right now, but I'd love if you came over in a few days.

You don't have to pretend you're OK. It's totally fine to tell your friends you're sad (if that's what you'd like to do), but also let them know you need space. Send a text like this to convey your emotions and your desire to be alone for a bit.

The "Don't Worry" Text
Hey, it's hard right now but I'm going to be OK. Thanks for being here for me, and I'd love to see you when I'm ready.

Maybe you're crying on the couch, but you know you're going to be fine. If you don't want your friends to worry (and it's OK if you do feel like your friends should be worried), send this text.

The Endless Love Text
I love you so much, and your support is everything. I need space right now, but I can't wait to catch up with you when I feel ready to talk.

Breakups can be hard, but they often allow us to unleash a well of emotion. If you love your friends and want to shower them with affection, send a text like this. They may be sad about the breakup (because they want you to be happy) but appreciative of your love.

The Long Saga Text
Hey, we broke up. It happened on Tuesday. I went to their apartment, and this is what they said...

Maybe you prefer to explain things over text, and that's OK too. If you need physical space but you'd like to talk over text, you can explain the whole breakup via text. They'll know how to respond based on your tone, and they'll be able to support you from afar.

The "I Hate The World RN Be Back Soon" Text
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Everything is terrible, I'm no fun to be around, but when I have a bit of space I'll be back.

It's OK to tell your friends you're miserable to be around at the moment. They'll understand, and they'll be able to wait for you. Of course, if you want your friends around, miserable or not, you can also ask for their support — you don't need to be in a good mood immediately following a breakup.

The Timeline Text
Hey, I think I need three days of alone-time. Today I'm going to take a long bath and watch TV. Tomorrow I'm going to hike. Saturday is spa day, but after that, I think I can talk about it.

When you're ready to see your friends, you'll know. Give them an estimate of when you think you could talk, and let them know why you need space, if you think that would be helpful for them.

It's totally OK to need space after a breakup. Friends matter as much when they're there as when they're not, and having the time alone you need after a breakup can help you process. And when you're ready to see your friends, they'll be there — ready and waiting.