If You're Fancy But Broke You'll Love These 37 Products On Amazon That Are Under $17

There are a lot of necessities in life that can demand your hard-earned money — like rent, student loans, car payments, and that annoying parking ticket you didn't see coming. ($65 dollars?! Really?!) All those must-pay-for expenses can end up leaving just a sliver of your budget for the small luxuries in life. This can be a hard-knock reality for those of us who tend to gravitate towards the most expensive thing in any store we walk into. But I've got good news: these 38 products on Amazon under $17 will manage to satisfy your longing for the finer things in life without breaking the bank.

There's a wine aerator to elevate your wine drinking to sommelier status, an espresso maker that doesn't cost hundreds of dollars, and rose clay soaps that are handmade in small batches in Santa Barbara — and they'll leave your skin as soft and refined as a debutante's. These are all products that will help you still lead the good life without overspending.

So if you're got champagne taste but you're working with a beer budget, read on — these products are sure to tide you over until you get the news that a long lost relative has left you millions of dollars.

Entertainment — If You're Fancy But Broke You'll Love These 37 Products On Amazon That Are Under $17

1. This Facial Oil Steam-Distilled From Organic Roses

Badger Damascus Rose Face Oil, $15, Amazon

You don't have to spend hundreds of dollars at the makeup counter to get quality skincare, because this Damascus rose face oil has you covered. The organic Damascus roses in this oil are hand-picked at dawn (sounds pretty romantic, doesn't it?) and steam-distilled the same day. Packed with skin-nourishing antioxidants, the non-comedogenic oil hydrates the skin and helps keep it plump. Apply it morning or night for a radiant complexion.


2. This Cheese Board That'll Impress Guests At Your Next Dinner Party

Koala Reef Bamboo Cheese Board, $17, Amazon

Nothing says "sophisticated" like a dedicated cheese board — because it's concrete evidence that you take your Point Reyes and gouda seriously. This one is made from 100 percent natural bamboo, which gives it a clean, minimalist look. The board comes with four stainless steel utensils: three knives for stilton, cheddar, or other hard cheeses, and a cheese fork. The utensils fit conveniently in a slide-out tray on the underside of the board.


3. These Soaps That Look Exactly Like Roses In A Fairy Tale

Jialeey Rose Soaps, $ $12 (18 Pack), Amazon

I honest-to-goodness can't think of anything more decadent than washing your hands with roses, and this rose soap lets you do just that. It's straight out of a fairy tale. The floral-scented soaps are made with plant essential oils and come in three shades of ocean blue. They make for a great gift, but you might want to keep one of the 18 roses for yourself.


4. A Germanium Facial Roller That Keeps Skin Looking Youthful

Beauty Wand Facial Roller, $17, Amazon

If I could get a weekly facial, I would, but visits to the aesthetician add up fast. This facial roller is a great alternative. The roller is made with germanium (not to be confused with 'geranium') — a type of metal that helps balance the ions in your body. This can help smooth skin, get rid of dark spots, and reduce puffiness. Roll it across your face and neck at least twice a day for two to four minutes.


5. An Herb Cutter For Efficient Gourmet Cooking

Jenaluca Herb Cutter, $14, Amazon

Do you dream of being the next Julia Child? Then you need to invest in this herb cutter. It looks a lot like a pair of kitchen shears, but is outfitted with five blades. The multiple blades mean that you can cut up greater quantities of herbs in less time. An included case covers the blades when they're not in use. Use it the next time your pasta calls for chopped basil — or anytime you want to up the gourmet in your home cooking with some fresh herbs.


6. These Satin Pillowcases That Are Fit For A Queen

Bedsure Satin Pillowcases, $10 (2 Pack), Amazon

Sleeping on satin pillowcases will make you feel like the Queen of England or a Hollywood starlet. The fact that they're actually good for your hair and skin only adds to their appeal. The slippery texture reduces the chances of hair breakage while you toss and turn in the night. The material also prevents acne since it won't hold onto oil the way cotton does. Slip one of these on your pillow for a beautiful night's sleep.


7. This Organic Mascara For Fluttery, All-Natural Lashes

Chic Republic Organic Mascara, $14, Amazon

If you're trying to go the organic route with your makeup, this mascara is for you. The organic mascara is hypoallergenic, free of chemicals, and suitable for easily-irritated eyes and skin. It's enriched with chamomile, vitamin E, and lavender, which help to soften and strengthen lashes. This reviewer says, "I love this mascara. I have problems with sensitive eyes and this product does not irritate at all. It also goes on very smoothly and doesn't clump up on your lashes. I've tried a lot of hypoallergenic mascara products and this is the best. I will be buying this again and again."


8. A Massager That Fits Like A Glove

SOMA SYSTEM Massager, $15, Amazon

This massager is shaped like your hand and features rings you can slip your fingers through — so it literally fits like a glove. It's made out of flexible rubber and has nine 360-degree rotating roller balls that deeply knead and massage tight muscle and knots. The massager can be used on any part of the body: try the neck, shoulders, arms, calves, and hamstrings.


9. A Beverage Holder So You Can Drink In The Bath

SipCaddy Cup Holder, $14, Amazon

After a stressful week, you 100 percent deserve to unwind with a glass of wine (or beer) in the bath. This cup holder is designed to help you do just that. It has a suction cup that attaches to glass and tile and will hold wine glasses, cans, and plastic bottles. It even holds up to 7 pounds, should you decide to pour yourself an extra generous glass of pinot noir.


10. The Wine Aerator That Will Officially Turn You Into A Wine Snob (Which Isn't Such A Bad Thing)

Rabbit Wine Aerator, $14, Amazon

This wine aerator will solidify your status as an oenophile (read: wine connoisseur). You can use it in place of a decanter to aerate wine — a process that can otherwise take a fair bit of time. Just fit the slim silicone base into the neck of the bottle. As you pour, the aerator will swirl the wine, allowing it to open up, so you can experience the full bouquet of wine as soon as you bring the glass to your nose and lips.


11. These Collagen Sheet Masks For Glowing Skin

Youth Island Bamboo Sheet Masks, $13 (5 Pack), Amazon

Fancy skincare products can put a real dent in your wallet. Fortunately, you can get glowing skin without going into debt with these highly-rated collagen sheet masks. Made with natural botanical essences, they firm the skin and keep it plump. These masks also contain licorice root, which can help diminish dark circles under the eyes. In other words, they're great if you've pulled an all-nighter.


12. These Tea Flowers That Bloom Right There In Your Mug

Teabloom Tea Flowers, $8 (2 Pack), Amazon

These tea flowers are nothing short of magical. Here's the gist: you pour hot water over each hand-sewn tea bag, then you sit back and watch actual flowers bloom in your pot or mug of tea. The tea combines açai and blueberry with fresh green tea leaves and edible flowers like marigold, jasmine, and globe amaranth. The tea leaves are rich in antioxidants, so they're super good for you too. Each tea bag can be used up to three times — just store it in the fridge.


13. A Makeup Sponge Set For The Makeup Artist In You

BEAKEY Makeup Sponge Set, $10 (5 Pack), Amazon

This makeup sponge set makes blending powder, liquid foundation, and concealer a breeze. The sponges are shaped specifically for different parts of your face. The flat side works on bigger surfaces, the round side is designed for the chin, and the tip is meant to be used around the nose, eyes, and mouth. The set also comes with an angled brush to help contour cheek bones for a flawless, defined look.


14. This Set of Skin-Pampering Bath Bombs

Aprilis Bath Bomb Set, $13 (6 Pack), Amazon

Treat yourself to a luxurious bath night with this bath bomb set. Each bomb is made with herbs, essential oils, and dried flower petals for a skin-pampering night. The set comes with six delicately-scented bombs that nourish the skin: relaxing lavender, moisturizing rose, pore-tightening green tea, hydrating milk, soothing calendula and circulation-boosting osmanthus.


15. A Microfiber Towel Dedicated To Giving You Frizz-Free Hair

DevaCurl Microfiber Towel, $16, Amazon

Yes, you deserve to own a towel devoted solely to your hair, and this microfiber towel is a fantastic option. Microfiber soaks up water more efficiently than traditional towels and — unlike terrycloth — is gentler on hair and won't leave you with a head full of frizz. It also prevents breakage, and although it's a must for curly and wavy hair, but it really works great for any hair type.


16. These Soothing Himalayan Salt Candle Holders

Crystal Allies Himalayan Salt Candle Holders, $17 (2 Pack), Amazon

Add a warm, spa-like glow to your living room with these Himalayan salt candle holders. Each tea light holder is made from pink salt that's been mined from the Himalayan mountains. Himalayan salt is known to produce negative ions which purify the air and help induce feelings of calm and serenity. Each holder is hand-carved and completely unique, too.


17. This Set of Essential Oils

ArtNaturals Essential Oil Set, $16 (8 Pack), Amazon

Distilled from the the leaves, stems, and flowers of plants, essential oils are pretty wondrous, do-it-all natural remedies. The aromatherapy benefits help relieve feelings of stress, boost energy, and encourage mental focus. And they're not just great for the mind, they're great for the body too — when used with a carrier oil, they can moisturize and soothe skin, or promote overall wellness. The set includes frankincense, lavender, eucalyptus, lemongrass, peppermint, sweet orange, tea tree, and rosemary essential oils.


18. A Tumbler That Keeps Your Wine Cold For Hours On End

CHILLOUT LIFE Wine Tumbler, $15, Amazon

Taking a bottle of wine along on your next camping trip? Looking to do some Sunday drinking in the backyard? Forget about wineglasses, and use this fancy AF wine tumbler instead. The BPA-free tumbler has a spill-proof lid and is double-insulated and will keep your Sauvignon Blanc or rosé cold for up to nine hours. It'll also keep hot drinks hot for up to three hours, if coffee is more your thing. Choose from eleven colors, like rose gold, silver, aqua, and "holographic sparkle".


19. An Infuser Bottle For Fresh, Fruity Water Anywhere You go

Fresh Fusions Infuser Water Bottle, $15, Amazon

You know that fruit-infused water they have at spas and in the lobbies of fancy hotels? You can get that on-the-go with this infusion water bottle. Just put your favorite cut-up fruit (I like watermelon) into the interior chamber and let it infuse your water with fresh flavor. The bottle holds up to 24 ounces of liquid, and is outfitted with a locking flip-top and insulation sleeve to keep your water chilly.


20. A Handheld Head Massager To Give Your Scalp A Much-Needed Massager

H01 Head Massager, $15, Amazon

You know what the most wonderful feeling in the world is? When your hair stylist massages your head in the shampoo sink. Sadly, it lasts all of a minute and a half — and you have to pay for a cut or color to get it. But you can replicate that feeling with this handheld head massager. The battery-powered massager vibrates, promoting relaxation and healthy blood flow. And it's waterproof, so you can use it in the shower or bath.


21. This Hair Mask That's A Miracle For Dry, Processed Hair

tgin Honey Miracle Hair Mask, $13, Amazon

Treat your hair to a deep conditioning treatment with this hair mask. It uses uses a combination of natural emollients like honey, olive oil, and jojoba oil to add a good dose of moisture to hair. It prevents breakage, reduces dryness, manages frizz, and adds shine. The cruelty-free mask is free of artificial ingredients, too. This reviewer writes: "I can't sing this product enough praises, my frizzy curls were transformed into beautifully defined coils after just one treatment."


22. A Candle That's Reminiscent of Cozy, Wintry Nights

Paddywax Hygge Candle, $17, Amazon

"Hygge" is a Danish word that conveys coziness, comfort, and contentment — think of candle-lit dinners next to a roaring fireplace with your best friends on a snowy night. This soy candle is meant to conjure up exactly that feeling. It's warmly scented with vetiver and cardamom — a classic Scandinavian spice. The candle is nestled in a gray ceramic pot with a copper lid, and can be repurposed as a small planter or cotton ball holder after the candle has burned down.


23. A Crystal Nail File For Perfectly Manicured Nails

Malva Belle Crystal Nail File, $9, Amazon

Throw out your sandpaper nail files and emery boards and trade up for this crystal nail file. The finely ridged edges are longer lasting and won't leave your nails jagged like old school files. You can even throw the nail file into the dishwasher after use to keep it clean and sanitary. The file comes in pretty pastel pink, and has a carrying case to keep it safe when not in use.


24. A Heated Eyelash Curler For That Works On Stubbornly Straight Lashes

JAPONESQUE Heated Eyelash Curler, $16, Amazon

Does the thought of putting heat next to your eyeballs make you nervous? Don't be. This heated eyelash curler is actually a safe — and more effective — way to curl stick straight lashes. It's gentler on lashes than traditional curlers since it doesn't pinch or crimp them. This Amazon reviewer explains it in more detail: "You use it like a comb, trapping the lashes between the shallow groves, holding it there for a second & slowly lifting up the lashes against it as you comb them towards the ends. You won't feel the heat except the tiniest bit. No worry about burning yourself."


25. These Ice Ball Molds That Will Up Your Craft Cocktail Game

Arctic Chill Ice Ball Mold, $13 (2 Pack), Amazon

An ice ball mold is a must for any aspiring at-home mixologist. The extra-large cubes melt less quickly than smaller cubes, so you don't have to worry about your fancy craft cocktails getting diluted too fast. These ice molds are made from BPA-free silicone and make up to eight cubes at a time, and they're non-stick and dishwasher-safe. Stock up on a few and invite your friends over for Old Fashioned's.


26. A Curling Iron That'll Give You Salon-Worthy Waves

Anjou Curling Iron, $17, Amazon

This curling iron has many of the features more expensive curling irons have, but at less than half the price. It heats up within 60 seconds and features adjustable settings, so you can modify the temperature depending on your hair type. The ceramic iron goes easy on hair and helps maintain shine. This reviewer writes: "This curling iron does a great job of giving me the "beachy waves" that I want. It heats up quickly and the curls last a long time, even through the next day. I have used many curling irons, and this one is as good as any of them."


27. These Handmade Rose Clay And Charcoal Soaps

Splendor Santa Barbara Spa Bars, $14 (3 Pack), Amazon

These handmade soaps are hand-crafted in Santa Barbara in small batches, and they're completely free of alcohol and synthetics. The soaps are made from a coconut oil base and use activated charcoal to draw impurities out from the pores. Rose clay helps skin stay balanced and moisturized, so you don't get too dried out — use it on your face, your hands, or for a full body wash in the shower.


28. This Plush Memory Foam Travel Pillow

Sendi Memory Foam Travel Pillow, $14, Amazon

If you're planning a cross-country flight or road trip anytime in the near future, you might want to check out this memory foam travel pillow. The classic U-shape of the pillow will keep your head from bobbing forward or to the sides while you're napping, and the memory foam gives your neck contoured support. The cover is made from microfiber cloth which is removable and washable. It comes with a case, but you can also snap it around the handle of your carry-on.


29. These Rose Gold Beauty Sponge Holders That Help Prevent Bacterial Growth

Teenitor Beauty Sponge Holders, $9 (3 Pack), Amazon

You flawlessly apply your makeup with your beauty sponges and then stash them in your makeup bag and zip it up — where they begin breeding bacteria in that dark, closed-up environment. Store your sponges in these sponge holders instead — they're slatted, which gives your sponges a chance to dry out, helping to prevent the growth of bacteria. Your skin will thank you. Plus, who can resist that rose gold?


30. The Light-Up Magnifying Mirror So You Can Apply Eyeliner Flawlessly

NEX Tri-Fold Vanity Mirror, $14, Amazon

This magnifying mirror will help you blend your makeup perfectly and avoid any smudges. It has three panels, so you can see your face from all angles, along with magnifying mirrors so you can get your winged eyeliner just right. There are 24 dimmable LED lights which can be powered by USB or batteries, and the mirror rotates 180-degrees and folds up for easy storage.


31. This Moka Pot That Makes Espresso On Your Stove

Primula Stovetop Espresso Maker, $12, Amazon

Espresso machines come with a hefty price tag — not to mention the fact that hey take up quite a bit of counter space. Instead, get a perfect cup of espresso with this simple stovetop espresso maker — also known as a "moka pot". All you have to do is fill it with coffee grounds and water and place on medium heat on the stove. The boiled, pressurized water will brew the perfect cup in just three to five minutes.


32. This Sleek Leather Tablet Stand

DTTO Tablet Stand, $16, Amazon

This tablet stand and case will make you feel like a true professional. It's made from synthetic leather, with a microfiber interior, so you don't have to worry about scratching up your tablet. With two ridged slots, you can can angle your tablet for comfortable viewing. The case includes a pencil holder and a front pocket for small papers, credit cards, or business cards. It even folds up into a case when you're not using it.


33. A Lipstick That Changes Shades Depending On Your Lip Temperature

Pro Kailijumei Flower Lipstick, $10, Amazon

This gold-flecked lipstick has a real flower flower inside, and it'll make you feel like a princess every time you apply it. The clear jelly lipstick changes color based on the temperature and pH of your lips, so the shade is completely unique to you. The lipstick is made with moisturizing cocoa butter, plant extracts, grape seed oil, and lavender oil.


34. This Transparent Case That Keeps Your Makeup Organized

Sorbus Cosmetics Display Case, $17, Amazon

Rifling through your makeup bag for your mascara when you're already running late can be time-consuming and frustrating. This cosmetics display case keeps everything organized and lets you see exactly where everything is. Made from acrylic, it comes with removable mesh padding so that your makeup doesn't slide around when you're opening and closing the drawers. It also works great for jewelry. You can choose from five transparent shades: pink, bronze, purple, black jewel, and clear.


35. This Universal Phone Kickstand In Rose Gold

Humixx Phone Kickstand, $10, Amazon

This ring phone kickstand has multiple uses: you can slip it around your finger as a phone grip, you can flip it out to use as a phone stand, or you stick it on any magnetic car mount (the car mount itself is not included). The rose gold ring can rotate 360-degrees, and lies flat against your phone when not in use. Made from zinc alloy and stainless, the ring attaches to the back of your phone with clear adhesive.


36. A Bath Pillow For More Comfortable Bath Nights

Gorilla Grip Bath Pillow, $15, Amazon

Bath night feels pretty luxurious, until your neck starts aching from trying to rest it on the edge of the tub. Use this bath pillow for a more comfortable soak. The two panels support your head, neck, and shoulders with 2 inches of padding. The pillow has seven suction cups that grip onto any smooth bathtub surface. This relaxed reviewer writes: "This pillow is my best friend on a rough day! Suction cups hold well so pillow stays in place and just where I need it. I use it when I meditate in the tub and I'm able to sit up and relax completely without slipping down into the water."


37. A Loose Leaf Tea Infuser To Brew A Single Cup Of Tea

Jokari Tea Infuser, $8, Amazon

If you don't want to commit to a whole kettle of tea, you can brew a single serving of loose leaf tea directly in your mug with this tea infuser. Fill the mesh hopper with your favorite loose leaf tea, snap it shut, and immerse in a mug of hot water. The infuser also has a built-in plunger — push down on it to extract more flavor and brew a stronger cup of tea.

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