People Who Are Scared AF Of The Easter Bunny Can Really Relate To These 8 Things

If your nightmares tend to include a gigantically huge bunny with a basket and large teeth who is out to get you — you're likely afraid of the Easter Bunny. The Easter Bunny can be scary as hell if you really sit down and think about what you're actually viewing and experiencing. You're not being skeptical if you're afraid of the Easter bunny, and others with the same fear can relate to you in more ways than one.

I'm almost 26, and I can genuinely predict that my fear of the Easter Bunny will never go away. Even if the Easter Bunny offered me a plate of my favorite tacos with extra guacamole, I'd still be running for the hills at the sight of that perfectly white fur and robust ears. No, thanks.

You might feel kind of like an outsider because people cherish this life-size bunny. Mostly everyone is cheerful as they join the Easter Bunny in finding chocolate eggs that they laid. That statement right there — a bunny laying eggs — should be questionable AF, but everyone is swooning too hard to peep it. While you may have to explain this fear to people who don't understand why you don't hop at the chance to shake hands with the Easter bunny, other fearful people can surely relate to the struggle.

You're Crying In All Of Your Childhood Easter Bunny Pics

Hey, you can't blame your parents for wanting those adorable pics of you dressed in your best. What they didn't know was that you weren't crying because you were getting used to the Easter Bunny. It's because you wanted to run like hell — but the way those shiny dress shoes were set up, you were doomed.

You Repel The Mall During The Bunny's Peak Season

Online shopping is your go-to when the Easter Bunny decides to take up a huge chunk of the mall. If you have to go, you've quarantined a portion off. You also know all of the exits in case any surprises you aren't ready for should arise. You know, a good egg-scape.

You Probably Don't Like A LOT Of Dressed Up Things, In General

I repel every single dressed-up character at Disneyland. That's right — I said it. It's like once you question one dramatically dressed-up character, you don't really trust the other ones, either.

Easter Egg Hunts Have Never Been Your Thing

Since you aren't a fan of the Easter Bunny, little things that involve the topic in general can be such a trigger. Maybe you don't want to be aimlessly looking around for something that someone you fear left behind. You wouldn't go looking for abandoned summer camps and eerie lakes if you were afraid of Jason Voorhees, would you?

It Took You Awhile To Warm Up To The Movie 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit'

Sorry, Roger, but you were guilty for resemblance association. In my opinion, animated bunnies are over-accentuated just like the Easter Bunny is, so it's hard to warm up to them in movies, plays, or real life. Who Framed Roger Rabbit is an iconic movie though, so you couldn't risk missing out.

Your Nightmares About The Easter Bunny Are Stephen King-Level Scary

When nightmares incorporate that one thing you fear the most in this world, it is the scariest, most lucid dream you will ever have. Usually, you are running for dear life, and no matter how much you want that mask to be taken off, the nightmare ends with so much doom. If you put these nightmares into a novel, Stephen King would likely join your book club.

You've Vowed To Never Put Your Future Child Through That

No one wants to blame their parents for introducing them to their worst fear, but childhood might be where it originated (aka, when you first met the Easter Bunny). You've likely vowed to never expose your kids to things that are cute in photos, but horrifying to the psyche. The Easter Bunny's reign of terror ends with you, once and for all.

People Think You're Kidding When You Say You're Scared Of The Easter Bunny

How many times have you told someone you are absolutely terrified of the Easter Bunny, and while they are laughing hysterically, your face remains unmoved. It's seen as a joke to a lot of people, but you couldn't be any more real about it. Who gets to rate the severity and validity of fears, anyway? No one.

The Easter Bunny only makes an appearance once a year, and even that might seem like too much. The time has almost passed, though, and you can hop back to normalcy soon.