This Is What You Need To Know About The Reported Instagram Hacking Issues

Carl Court/Getty Images News/Getty Images

If you haven't yet heard, it seems as though there is some nefarious activity on many Instagram accounts lately. With the unfortunate reported hacks, many IG users are currently wondering what they should do if their Instagram account was hacked. If you were one of several who experienced this, fear not — I know a few ways you can fix and prevent it.

Having your Instagram account hacked is no laughing matter, and according to an Instagram blog post, there have been many reported account issues in the last few weeks. Instagram doesn't outright call it a hack in the post, but per Mashable, there have been at least 100 reported Instagram hacks since the beginning of August. The reported hacks usually result in the user being locked out of their account, and much of the account information (profile image, password, email address) is changed by the apparent hacker. In a statement to Elite Daily, an Instagram spokesperson says,

We are investigating claims of some hacked Instagram accounts and will take the necessary steps to help those impacted. We work hard to provide the Instagram community with a safe and secure experience. When we become aware of an account that has been compromised, we shut off access to the account and the people who’ve been affected are put through a remediation process so they can reset their password and take other necessary steps to secure their accounts.

Yep, a hack on your IG account a major bummer. However, on Aug. 14, the IG team created a blog post that lists several ways to mend (and prevent) an unwanted account issues from happening. To be quite honest, I'm so grateful for the helpful tips that should prevent my beloved Instagram account from being in the wrong hands.

Carl Court/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The blog post called is called "Issue affecting access to Instagram accounts," and it starts off by saying that you could have a problem if you receive an email notification that says you changed your email address, even though you didn't. If this happens to you, just click "revert this change." Then, you should change your password. Simple, right?

Next, the blog post reiterates the importance of selecting a strong password. This is defined as anything that includes a medley of six (or so) numbers, as well as several different letters, and, of course, a variety of punctuation marks. And, just so you know, no two passwords should be the same for any of your social media accounts. This makes it harder for your account to be accessed by someone other than you in the future.

Then, per the blog post, you should revoke access from any third-party apps (like a third-party camera app) on your account. It also said that you should make sure to turn on two-factor authentication, for a little added security. If you've never used this feature, it allows users to secure their account via text. IG is continuing to expand this feature, and the company will have more information to share on that very soon.

Finally, Instagram reiterated in the blog post that using any of these tips will not only make your account more secure, but it'll also restore your account if it has already experienced an issue. They recommend choosing a new and secure email address, and if you need additional information, you should refer to the Instagram Help Center as well as their Security Tips page. Seriously, it's that easy.

Getting hacked is literally the worst, and luckily, there are so many easy ways to prevent — and even fix — the damages. Having a bunch of different (and difficult) passwords for everything can get really frustrating, but it works out in the end when you don't get hacked. As long as you get creative with your passwords, and monitor any changes made to your account, you can rest easy knowing that you took the steps to my your IG account as secure as possible.

Editor's note: This post has been updated to include Instagram's statement on the reported hacking.