If Your So-Called "BFF" Is Clipping Your Wings In These 10 Ways, Fly Away From Her ASAP

There's plenty of bliss, epic memories, and girl power that goes into a best friendship. Having an awesome human to call your partner-in-crime makes you feel like you're chilling on Cloud Nine. But alas, even the best of friendships can be susceptible to fall outs, outgrowing each other, or disagreeing more than getting along. When things gradually begin to go south, you'll want to schedule an emergency landing and re-evaluate the friendship as soon as possible. If your best friend is clipping your wings, you'll notice the changes almost immediately.

Instead of that euphoria you experienced before, you'll feel as though you're trapped in one place. Your friendship isn't fulfilling anymore, because your BFF is weighing you down instead of lifting you up. When you're together, it might seem like your conversations only revolve around her and her problems. You rarely talk about what's going on in your life, and you're pretty tired of it.

A best friendship needs balance. You should not only know your ride or die like the back of your hand, but you should also be eager to grow together. You may have landed in what you thought was a forever friendship, but if you're experiencing any of these 10 things, you might need to do some re-evaluating sooner rather than later.

She Gets Jealous When You Spend Time With Other Friends

Real talk: You are dope as heck and have a ton of good vibes to share. Your BFF shouldn't want to hoard you all to herself or guilt trip you about hanging out with your other friend groups. It's one thing to know your best friend is one of a kind, and it's another to be overly possessive.

Your Convos Sound Like A Broken Record

Does your BFF never talk about anything new, or only talks about the drama that's going on in her life? Your convos don't need to be a list of current events, but it shouldn't be like déjà vu whenever you pick up her calls.

You Can't Invite Her To Do New Or Exciting Things With You

Your BFF is naturally the first person who comes to mind when you want try something new and exciting. But every time you bring it up to her, she's never up for it. If that's not a prime example of clipping your wings, I don't know what is.

She Wants You To Stay Single Because She's Single

Your BFF should be a supporter of your love life if you choose to pursue a relationship with someone you're seriously crushing on. Yes, of course it's cool when you two happen to be single at the same time. She shouldn't promote it for her own benefit, though.

You Can't Be Your True Self Around Her Anymore

Hiding who you truly are is honestly exhausting, and that's not what you should be doing around your BFF. Your true colors should be extra vibrant around her, not faded.

You're Constantly Getting Caught Up In Her Drama

You have your best friend's back, no matter what. That doesn't mean your time spent together should be consumed by drama on the regular. Drama doesn't pay your bills, so you don't need it in your adult life.

You've Stopped Liking Things Just Because She Doesn't Like Them

Negative vibes can be contagious if you're around them constantly. Maybe you don't like playing tennis as much anymore, because your girl talks down about it whenever you hit up the court. You're free to like and enjoy anything you want, and your friend should support what you're passionate about.

She Doesn't Acknowledge Or Celebrate Your Accomplishments

Did you just get that dream promotion at work? You should be met with uncontrollable excitement from your BFF. If she's not amused by your accomplishments, big or small, step back from the friendship ASAP.

She Discourages You From Taking Chances

Taking a leap of faith takes guts and encouragement. A best friend should encourage you to take a risk if it will give you closure or allow you to be one step closer to your dream. She should also be there even if things don't go as planned, and root for you to get back up and try again.

Your Past Keeps Being Brought Up

The past should stay buried in the past. Your BFF shouldn't rehash the old you and remind you of all of the mistakes you can't change.

Be mindful of how your best friendship plays a role in your life. No one should be clipping your wings, and if they are, it's likely time to move on.