If You Want To Get A Little Weird, Check Out These 44 Products On Amazon

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For the longest time I always afraid of the word weird — for instance, in middle school you never wanted to be accused of being odd if you wanted to be invited to all the birthday parties. But as I've gotten older, I can't help but look on at the word with a little more admiration. The people I meet who are the weirdest tend to be the most interesting, the oddest scenarios are always the most adventurous, and the weird products on Amazon I find always manage to be genius. Yep, it's official: weird is a good place to be.

So for anyone out there who's looking to get a little bit weirder with things in their day-to-day life — look no further than all of these freaky products that will make every moment a bit more exciting. From a bath bomb that's not only super-fizzy but also turns your bath water black to a yoga ball chair that helps strengthen your core while you work — there are tons of products available that help you stand out from the crowd as your own, unique self.

If you love the idea of adding a little more bizarre products to your life, check out this list full of them.

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