What To Do If You Run Out Of People To Swipe On In Your Small Hometown

by Jamie Kravitz

If you ask me, dating apps are the real MVP. They're there for you when you're bored, lonely, horny, drunk, or all of the above. They make it possible for you to flirt with gorgeous strangers with no strings attached. Plus, you can swipe anytime, anywhere. So it totally makes sense for you to use dating apps in your hometown over the holidays. Unfortunately, you might run into problems you don't normally experience while swiping in your usual place of residence. Coming across familiar profiles is one thing, but what happens if you run out of swipes altogether? If your hometown is on the smaller or more rural side, this is a definite possibility.

In the event that your dating apps are telling you there's no one new around you, don't panic just yet. There are plenty of ways to combat this tragedy, so while you might want to throw your cell out the window, try doing these five things instead. They all cost less than a new iPhone, and this way you might actually meet someone fun. If you've exhausted all of your potential matches, you still have the opportunity to make your old home feel new again. Here's how to do it.

1. Try To Meet Someone IRL

Remember when Tinder didn't exist, and you had to venture out to a bar or go to a party if you wanted to meet someone? Yeah, me neither, but it used to be a thing. If going to a post-high school gathering feels like you're reliving your worst nightmare, it might be fun to hit up some of the local hangouts you couldn't legally get into last time you were in town.

2. Hit Up That Hottie From High School

So you're out of swipes — it's not the end of the world. Text the person you had a crush on in high school and ask them to hang out. The worst that can happen is they say no. And if they do, I'm sure there was someone else you admired in the hallway. I mean, what 16-year-old had only one crush?

3. Update Your Preferences

Updating your preferences on Tinder is ridiculously easy. You can go to your settings and change the distance and age range Tinder uses to locate potential matches. By expanding your radius and raising or lowering the ages you're looking for, you are opening your options up to include a larger group of people. Therefore, once you update your settings, you should get a new batch of individuals to swipe on.

4. Get Tinder Plus

With Tinder Plus, you can change your location and swipe anywhere in the world. If you're cool with paying a small fee, you could be a your childhood home in Maryland and actively swiping near your current apartment in San Francisco. That way, you can set up dates for when you get back from break. Technology really is amazing.

5. Have A Girl's Night

If you're feeling lonely, hanging out with your friends might be just what you need. Forget about dating apps, put down your phone for a night, and have a sleepover with your besties from home. Sure, your makeovers will include a Naked palette in the place of Claire's eyeshadow, but other than that, it will be just like you're back in high school.

Dating apps are great, but remember there are always other options when it comes to dating. Maybe running out of swipes isn't the worst thing, especially if it means (literally) getting out there.

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