10 Things You’ll Only Understand If You Have A Summer Birthday

Show a little love to the summer babies of the world. Having a summer birthday comes with its perks and disadvantages. At a young age, you immediately realized the time of year you were born wasn't quite like everyone else's. Back then and even now, you know there are things that are relatable AF if you have a summer birthday. Let's rejoice first, though, shall we?

You should be incredibly grateful that the sunshine and warm weather have a good chance of blessing your special day with their presence. Some people are rocking sweaters, scarves, and beanies on their birthdays. Yikes! Who wouldn't want to wake up to a new sundress ready to make its debut, and birds chirping as if they knew the day's all about you? But alas, having a summer birthday didn't always work in your favor when you were younger. It was so worth it, though, because now that you are older, you are making up for it.

Each year gets better than the last, and you hardly remember those not-so-fun birthdays of the past. There's a pretty solid list of pros and cons, but if you are a summer baby, you know these 10 things to be all too true.

Everyone Was Away When You Wanted To Have A Party As A Kid

Even when you handed out invitations months in advance, people already had summer plans. All of your friends were heading on family vacations, and that took away any party dreams you had in mind. The struggle was real. You either had to celebrate your birthday super early or much later.

You Never Had YOUR Day When You Were In Elementary School

You never got to be one of those kids who was brought balloons or was given a pizza party in class for their birthday. Everyone wanted to be that one kid's best friend when their mom strolled through with a bunch of frosted cupcakes. It's all good, though.

Your Birthday Parties Revolve Around A Pool

You may have missed out on classroom perks, but you dived right into a better one. Getting in the pool is still a top priority for your birthday. Oh, and that's just a part of what you do during the day. You still have plans for later in the evening.

Your Parents Celebrated Your Birthday During The Annual Family Trip

Having to celebrate your birthday during your annual family vacation wasn't all that bad. You might not have gotten as many presents as you would have at a big party, but your parents were sure to make it as special as they could. If you had an annual trip to Disneyland, you weren't complaining one bit.

You Haven't Had Too Many Surprise Birthday Parties

There's way too much idle time in summer. As much as that would be good for the people planning a surprise birthday party for you, it's so much easier for you to find out. Can you imagine your parents trying to plan one for you as a kid? You'd have caught on by the time they tried to distract you with your third ice cream sandwich.

Your Birthdays In College Were The Absolute Best

Summer break, anyone? Summer break in college is totally different from grade school. Now, you are coordinating a rooftop bar party (if you're 21 and up) because no one has 8 a.m. class to worry about. Your birthdays in college may have included other classmates, but no one was thinking about school and you had endless options to choose from.

You Have The Luxury Of Rocking A Dope Bathing Suit For Your Birthday Outfit

Bathing suit, please? Wearing a dope new bathing suit on your birthday is one of the best things ever. Relaxing poolside or chilling at the beach, your birthday calls for bikinis, sunnies, and daisy dukes.

You're Probably One Of The Youngest In Your Friend Group

Since your birthday lands in the later months, you might be the youngest squad member in your friend group. It doesn't matter much since you are older now, although, you did have to deal with everyone turning 21 before you.

Ice Cream Cake Holds A Special Place In Your Heart

Summer may be your birth season, but ice cream cake gives you life. Growing up, you could always count on your parents to hook you up with the most delicious ice cream cake of your dreams. Of course, your love for this delicious birthday treat still takes the spotlight in your 20s.

Many Of Your Birthday Bashes Take Place At The Beach

You may have agonized spending the entire day at the beach for your birthday as a kid, but now you know you had it all wrong. Beach all day and partying all night by the campfire is how you roll these days.

If your birthday lands in the summer, you're pretty lucky. It's almost time to start celebrating.