You Can Actually Win A Trip To Croatia If You Correctly Guess The 'Game Of Thrones' Ending


Like any thriving franchise that ventures into the real world for filming locations, Game of Thrones has inspired travel tours across the globe encouraging fans to embrace the world of their favorite TV show. Even with the HBO fantasy drama ending this year after its eighth season, the tours aren't likely to whittle down anytime soon. But if the thought of trying to plan a Game of Thrones-themed vacation stresses you out, you're in luck. If you guess the Game of Thrones ending, you can win a trip to Croatia, where the series filmed some of its most memorable scenes. Sign me up!

Also having filmed in Belfast, Reykjavik, Morocco, and more, the Game of Thrones crew moved to Dubrovnik, Croatia, for scenes at the city of King's Landing. As the capital of Westeros, King's Landing has played an important role in the series, and as a result, Dubrovnik has become a popular highlight of group tours inspired by Game of Thrones. The series also assigned the settings of Qarth, Braavos, and the Westeros Riverlands to Croatia, giving tourists plenty of options of where to go if they want to explore Westeros IRL.

This surplus of possibilities is exactly why it might be overwhelming to tackle a location tour on your own, but Game of Thrones superfans who are too busy crafting a finale theory to plan a trip can now rest easy. The travel company Unforgettable Croatia will soon reward a lucky fan and one guest with a seven-night tour across Croatia to visit Game of Thrones locations. Forget the actual Game of Thrones battle for a sec — we'll need all the luck we can get for this once-in-a-lifetime chance.


To snag the trip, you have to share your guess of how the series will end, whether it be a prediction of who sits on the Iron Throne, who survives the season, or who defeats the Night King. According to Unforgettable Croatia's competition page, fans have until 11:59 p.m. on May 5, 2019, to submit their Game of Thrones finale guess (as of April 16, the page doesn't specify a timezone to which this deadline applies). Whoever turns out to be correct will then be entered into a drawing that determines the winner of the grand prize, which is available to partake in during October 2019.

While international flight prices aren't included in the prize package, the winner will experience five-star hotel accommodation, complimentary breakfast, a Game of Thrones location tour in Split and Dubrovnik, and a speed boat trip to the islands of Hvar and Vis. Given the strict anti-spoiler stance HBO has taken on Season 8's ending, the tour company is also just as clueless about the finale as the rest of the world is.

Macall B. Polay/HBO

"The anticipated ending of Game of Thrones is something which no one can seem to agree on – and for good reason," the competition page reads. "With so many different storylines and characters to contend with it’s practically impossible to predict what’s going to happen – but that’s what makes trying to predict it so fun... Who knows? We certainly don’t, but we’d love to hear what you think."

If you're looking for bragging rights as the ultimate Game of Thrones fan, this just might be the perfect outlet for you. Good luck, Thronies!